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Amino Vital Fast Charge

Amino Acid Energy Boost System

Fast Charge Energy Boost is designed to boost muscular energy during intense training and competition. 2,500 mg of fast-absorbing formula made from BCAAs, Glutamine, Arginine and Vitamin B helps you fight fatigue and get the energy you need on the go. Take this energy boost shot 20-30 minutes prior to training or activity.

Environmental Sustainability
Gluten Free
GMP Complaint
Laboratory Tested
No Artificial Additives Fillers
Packaged in the USA
Plant Based

Amino Vital PRO-E

Amino Acid Endurance Mix

Take PRO-E to give you the endurance and strength you need to push through the toughest training. Our formula contains BCAAs, Glutamine, Arginine, complex carbohydrates and electrolytes to provide both rapid and sustained energy during activity. Drink continuously during training or competition to maintain stamina and delay muscle fatigue.
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Amino Vital Pro-R

Amino Acid Recovery

Pro-R Recovery Mix gives you the ability to train hard and recover faster so you can do it again tomorrow. 3,600mg of BCAAs, glutamine, arginine, complex carbohydrates and electrolytes helps decrease muscle soreness and promote faster recovery. Use after intense training or competition.
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Amino Vital Water Bottle

Amino Vital Water Bottle is perfect to take with you on the course or during training. It holds 24oz. of water.


Amino Vital Towel

Amino Vital Towel is perfect to take on the golf course or use after a race. It’s caddie tested and used on the PGA tour and by endurance athletes across the USA. The towel is 100% cotton and measures 24 inches by 42 inches.


How to Use Amino Vital Fast Charge


Open 1 stick pack and pour into mouth. Let dissolve on tongue.


Wash down with cold water.


Another stick pack may be used at the mid-point of your activity.


  • "I love using PRO-R during competitions. PRO-R helps me stay hydrated and recover between races to keep me at my best."

    Megan Jendrick
    3-time Olympic swimming medalist

  • "I believe we are what we put in our bodies. I only recommend to my clients what I choose to put in my body. The pure amino acids in Amino Vital® help to get me through my workouts, leaving me feeling stronger and ready to take on the challenges of my day."

    Kim O'Grady Hill
    Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer

  • "I’ve coached some of the world’s top professionals in golf – and I know what is vital for peak performance. Amino Vital delivers the energy, focus and endurance it takes to train and compete at the highest level."

    Coach “Joey D” Diovisalvi
    Golf Biomechanics and Fitness Expert


Will I feel a rush when I take Fast Charge? No. Fast Charge provides energy in its purest form and does not rely on stimulants like caffeine or sugar. There’s no "crash" associated with taking Fast Charge. What you will notice is your body continuing to perform at the peak of your ability and your mind able to remain focused over a longer period of time.

How will Fast Charge help me perform better? Fast Charge helps you get the most out of your training and practice by providing stamina so you can practice longer and push yourself further, and by helping your muscles recover quicker, thereby reducing pain and soreness so you can get back out there the next day.
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What is Aji-Dry Technology? This delivery system comes as a powdered mix that you pour directly onto your tongue. It’s extremely portable, easy to use, and gets the nutrients into your system faster.

How does Fast Charge help fight muscle fatigue? The rapidly absorbing amino acids found in Fast Charge replenish the protein your body needs to generate muscle energy. This extra boost of energy to your muscles helps reduce fatigue and keeps you going stronger longer.

Is Fast Charge meant for professional athletes? While Fast Charge is used by hundreds of professional athletes from runners and triathletes to body builders and golfers, many amateurs also use Fast Charge. Our customers tell us they enjoy the added benefits over typical sports drinks as well as its affordability, costing less per serving than your typical bottled water or sports/energy drink.

How can something I take improve my performance? Fast Charge helps you get the most out of your training and practice by providing a quick energy boost that will last you through your workout. The rapidly absorbing amino acids improve mental clarity and focus, provide better accuracy and consistency and reduce muscle fatigue and recovery time so you can get the most out every workout.

What are amino acids? Amino acids are essentially protein in its purest form. By ingesting protein in its simplest form, you save your body a step in the digestion process, absorbing it more quickly than a heavy protein bar or shake, realizing the benefits more quickly.
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Are Amino Vital® products approved sports supplements? Yes, every production batch from each Amino Vital® product is analyzed and certified by the BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group). The BSCG is an independent organization, which assists responsible dietary supplement manufacturers who wish to ensure that their products do not contain dangerous banned substances.

Amino Vital® ships a sample of each batch to a state-of-the-art anti-doping research laboratory that has been designated by the BSCG. The laboratory analyzes the sample for over 160 substances that are banned by sports organizations such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Football League (NFL), and many other professional and amateur sports leagues. A product that bears the BSCG seal lets the customer know that the product has received BSCG Certification and that no banned substances were found above detection limits. For more information on the BSCG, visit

Amino Vital® has also been approved for use by the USOC and the PGA.

Are Amino Vital® products safe? Amino Vital® products contain AJIPURE, the highest-quality pharmaceutical grade amino acids (between 99%-100% pure) available anywhere. Our parent company Ajinomoto was one of the first to make pharmaceutical-grade amino acids, literally inventing the process and is currently the global leader in the research, production and sales of amino acids. AJIPURE amino acids are widely used in intravenous solutions, infant formulas, prescription medications and other specialty medical products.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare professionals before taking any dietary supplements.