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    Harness the science behind amino acids

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Available in 2 Flavor
51 reviews

Our Action blend is full of vegan BCAAs, L-Glutamine, and L-Arginine ...

Rapid Recovery
28 reviews

Rapid Recovery feeds muscles with powerful vegan BCAAs, L-Glutamine, a...

Action & Rapid Recovery Sample Box

Action contains vegan amino acids and electrolytes to replenish muscle ...

aminoVITAL Towel
4 reviews

The aminoVITAL Towel is perfect to use at the gym, on the golf course, o...

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Why aminoVITAL?

High-Caliber Performance

Our formulations contain ingredients to help all athletes recover better and train harder. aminoVITAL products are scientifically tested and athlete approved.

all natural
gluten free

stellar reviews

Athletes Love aminoVITAL

  • “The Best”

    I drink Rapid Recovery Blueberry Blast all day every day. I drink it for the taste and the amino acid benefits are just an extra added bonus. No other sports type drink on the market tastes this good and has so little sugar.

    David O.
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    Rapid Recovery
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  • "Quality product!"

    Have been using it for years working out and on the golf course. I can play 18 in the hot sun and feel hydrated and mentally sharp! Always quick shipping!

    Lenny C.
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  • “I was not sore for the rest fo the day”

    I took this sample box with me for a half marathon and really loved the flavors. It did not upset me stomach or make me feel "sloshy" while running. I was not sore for the rest of the day or the next day.

    Lauri K.
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    Variety pack
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Why amino vital?

Amino acids make up 20% of your body. They are protein in its purest form and critical for muscle, brain and blood functions.

the science behind bcaas

hydration drinks

High in Electrolytes Promotes Hydration Only

protein drinks

High in Calories and Carbs Delayed Fuel Release


the best of both worlds

aminoVITAL is the pinnacle of active nutrition. Our clean blends offer the benefits of Hydration Drinks and Protein Shakes with none of the sugar, calories or extra fillers.

featured athlete

Renee Harrington Team USA

Renee Harrington, M.S. Exercise Science, is a Lecturer at North Carolina State University in the Department of Health and Exercise Studies. She currently competes for Team USA in international Olympic and long course distance duathlons.

our athletes
"Action helps to prevent muscle cramping during my workouts. It also helps me to maintain electrolyte balance throughout the day."

renee Harrington

Duathlon Athlete
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