10 Things You Need As A Cyclist

10 Things You Need As A Cyclist by amino vital

Spring is here which means it is the perfect time get out on the bike and get moving. 

Before you prepare for a ride, you need the right gear to get moving. Here are our top 10 things you need as a cyclist.

Good shoes

If you clip into an SDP (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) or another style pedal, it is important to have good stiff shoes to transfer the torque input into the crank arm efficiently. If you have platform pedals, then comfortable shoes are key.


This is the top safety item on the list! It is important that the helmet is fitted correctly, so it should be slightly loose on your head. Helmets are highly recommended even for casual rides.


Hydration is very important in any physical activity. Try to have at least one bottle or Camelbak with plain water and another full of Amino VITAL Action!


Getting a good pair of gloves will be relief for your wrists, especially if you plan on riding more than 30 minutes.  For the endurance rider, try ergo-type grips.

Bike Fit 

The bike size, tube length, crank arm length, stem, seat position, handlebar type and angle are all important. When you are pedaling, your knee should not be locked out when your foot is farthest from your hip (fully extended). It should be slightly bent. When your foot is closest to your hip, your knee should not come above your hip. If you are new to riding, go to your favorite bike shop and ask a professional for help.


Bike jerseys allow you to carry gear with you. Bike shorts with padding are beneficial for long rides.


Glasses can keep dust, grime, and sun out of your eyes. Tifosi glasses are durable and cost-effective.


Sunscreen is always important if you are going to be riding in the sun for a while.

Cold weather gear

Headcovers, toe covers, long thermal tights, arm warmers and a vest are all go-to items. You can always layer up.
Pro tip: Tape over the vents in your helmet with electrical tape during the winter.

A budget-appropriate bike

When purchasing a bike, it is up to you and your budget. If you are wanting to become a serious cyclist, you are going to need to spend a bit more money. The most important aspect of a bike is the wheelset. It is important that they are stiff and durable because this is your rolling mass. Here are some additional tips on taking care of your bike once you get one within your budget. Simple bike maintenance is a must and doesn't take much effort. Doing the following will guarantee the longevity and performance of your bike:
    • Pump tires to adequate air pressure before EVERY ride. AP varies so look on the wheels and follow the instructions.
    • Wipe the bike to clean any sweat, rain water, or any type of residue to protect from rust and deterioration.
    • Oil and clean the chain, brake lines, derailleur, and crank set.
  • Take the bike in for an annual performance adjustment, especially if you’re an advanced rider.
If you do not have all of the items mentioned above and want to hop on an old bike and ride, at least make sure you have a helmet, a phone in case of an emergency, and your favorite Amino VITAL product with you.



Pictures reference: Sarah Raw (getliftedmiami)
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