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4 Steps To Good Running Form

By amino VITAL
4 Steps To Good Running Form

A good running form is essential for performance and injury prevention.

For any runner to achieve the best results, it is important to run relaxed and in good form. More than anything else, practicing good running form will carry you to the finish line safely.

Here are 4 simple steps to good running form:

1. Posture

You want to stand tall with your toes pointed forward. Make sure you run with your head up and keep your gaze directed ahead of you. If you need to reset your posture, reach to the sky!

2. Mid Foot

March in place before your run to reinforce the proper mid-foot strike. Heel striking or over-striding can cause braking. Landing on your forefoot can strain your calves and Achilles.

3. Cadence

Aim for a cadence of 180. To find your cadence, count the number of right foot strikes for 20 seconds and multiply by 6. Remember to run light and avoid pounding your feet.

4. Lean

Lean from the ankles without bending at the waist. Flexing at the ankles reduces unnecessary muscle strain caused by toeing off. Remember, use gravity to your advantage instead of excessive muscle force. The most important rule for maintaining good form is to listen to your body! If something doesn’t feel right, stop. Otherwise, you should maintain a good body position by keeping your head over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over the midfoot upon landing and arms swinging directly ahead. This will allow us to run with good form and use less energy to run faster. If your arms, shoulders or back hurt or feel tense during training, you need to adjust your form.
Try listening to music that has 180 beats per minute and running to that beat. You will feel faster and it will help keep your cadence.
Remember to keep your head up, even when going uphill, land on your midfoot, and take quick, shorter strides to have a more enjoyable and efficient run!


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