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7 Health Benefits From Soccer

By amino VITAL
7 Health Benefits From Soccer

7 Health Benefits From Soccer

250 million people play soccer around the world. As well as being a fun sport to play, soccer has many health benefits.

⚽ Heart Health:

Players can run an average of 7 miles per game. Some players have run up to 9 miles in one game. This makes sense due to the constant walking, jogging and running. The constant movement helps strengthen hearts, reduce blood pressure and burn excess calories

⚽ Burns Fat:

Playing soccer will work all of your muscles in many different ways. Soccer builds more muscle and burns more fat by requiring the use various kinds of muscle fibers. Playing a full game of soccer actually burns more calories than a typical workout.

⚽ Strength:

Soccer works every muscle, even your upper body. Upper body and core strength are used for throwing the ball into play and holding off your opponents. Soccer, however, primarily works the lower body. Lower body strength is used for kicking, running, jumping, etc.

⚽ Intervals: 

Soccer involves a lot of running (obviously) that requires a lot of physical stamina. Soccer players are able to go from a walk to a full sprint over and over again during the entire game. Having this interval training increases aerobic capacity: the ability of the heart and lungs to get oxygen to the muscles.

⚽ Concentration: 

Soccer is a fast-paced decision-making game that requires concentration and persistence. Every decision a player has to make is quick and spontaneous, even during a slow game. Players are constantly looking for strategic ways to be open, steal the ball, or passing to a teammate.

⚽ Coordination:

Hand-eye coordination improves when you either kick the ball or receive a pass. Soccer consists of dynamic movements like dribbling down the field, moving the ball past an opponent, and shooting the ball in the goal. Juggling the soccer ball in practice will also improve coordination.

⚽ Teamwork makes the dream work:

Soccer is a team sport. It's always frustrating to watch a soccer game where there is one player who refuses to pass it their teammates. It is important to learn that you cannot do everything all by yourself, but can rely on your teammates to help you. Teammates push each other to reach their goals. Lessons of teamwork and sharing translate into everyday life!

Playing soccer requires a significant amount of hydration. Make sure you have fluids handy and re-hydrate frequently throughout the game or practice. Soccer is also a high-intensity sport that can lead to muscle soreness. Make sure you are using a recovery formula, like Amino VITAL Rapid Recovery.


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