The temps are rising, and summer is right around the corner. Whether it’s a brisk jog, an outdoor yoga session, or a walk around the park, an open-air workout is calling your name. But have you ever been stuck in a fitness rut? Sometimes a change of scenery and some fresh air is what you need to keep that motivation flowing. We’ve put together seven necessities that can help revive your open-air exercise game. Let’s go!  

The Beats Fit Pro  

Currently, these are our favorite wireless earbuds out right now. They integrate beautifully with iOS and Android, are super comfortable, and have great sound. These feature Apple’s proprietary H1 headphone chip, so they work just like the AirPods if you have an iPhone. However, the functionality is just as good on an Android – as it has an application that allows you to customize the controls. The active noise canceling feature and mic quality is a plus, too.  

POPFLEX Vegan Suite Yoga Mat – Take a Dip 

If you’ve never tried any POPFLEX gear, you’re missing out. Brought to you by one of our favorite designers and fitness instructors, Cassey Ho, this is one of the thickest, lightest, and stunningly made anti-slip yoga mats on the market these days. We are seriously impressed. The material is designed to get grippier as you sweat, and the soft and absorbent micro-suede texture is not of this earth. Not to mention, it’s also eco-friendly and PVC free! And with this summer-friendly print, what more could you ask for in a yoga mat?  

JBL Clip 2 IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker  

Although it may be small, this little speaker packs a serious punch. The convenient carabiner attachment makes it easy to take on the go, whether you’re riding your bike to a Pilates class or conquering a hiking trail. The sound quality is impressive, and did we mention it’s waterproof? It also has a built-in microphone, so calls can be taken with ease.  

RunMax Pro Weighted Vest 

This weighted vest is great because it has all the features you need to maximize your outdoor workout. With features like a pocket for your phone and a water bottle holder, it has all the benefits of convenience. Weights are also included in the purchase price, and it has a lifetime warranty! We’ve also found that this weighted vest is comfortable because the placement of the pockets allows for even weight distribution. There’s also an option for shoulder pads for maximum comfort!

Multifun Digital Counting Jump Rope  

This jump rope is seriously smart! With a HD LED display, this speed rope shows timer, weight, calories and more. All you do is set your weight and it counts the number of jumps and calories burned so you can effectively track your fitness. A steel rope protected by PVC sheathing makes this one more durable than a lot of fitness ropes on the market. Did we mention that it’s adjustable, too?  

Sportneer Adjustable Ankle Weights 

These Sportneer heavy-duty sandbags are sure to promote a strong body as you upgrade your workout by increasing leg strength and fat burn. Each ankle weight comes with 5 removable pockets for weights that can be adjusted from 2-10 pounds. The neoprene exterior is really soft, making these comfortable to wear, and with the overall length of 14.5”, it’s sure to be a great fit for all sizes.  

AminoVITAL Rapid Recovery 


This advanced BCAA blend contains the 5 amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine, arginine, and glutamine) that are beneficial for post workout recovery. This mix of amino acids contain complex carbohydrates that are designed to replenish your muscles after working out. This blend is also absorbed by the body 3 times faster than traditional protein powder mixes – meaning faster recovery so less down time. All aminoVITAL products are also BSCG certified and contain pharmaceutical-grade amino acids that your body needs. Nice!  

May 03, 2022 — amino VITAL

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