Recovery is just as important as your workout. Muscle building occurs when you rest as your body builds back the damaged muscle stronger, so what you do on your rest days could be just as important as how you are working out. We wanted to give you a few suggestions on some great ways to stay active on your rest days, yet still, be in recovery mode. So get your aminoVITAL Rapid Recovery ready, and enjoy your day off with some healthy activity.


Incorporate Yoga in Your Training

Yoga is a great way to exercise your mind and your body while treating yourself well. Yoga can improve your flexibility while also promoting blood flow, which means that your damaged muscle tissue can heal up quicker and stronger than ever. In addition to that, yoga promotes mindfulness and can improve your breathing, thanks to its emphasis on breathing techniques. Combined with meditation, as well, it can be very helpful for getting more in touch with your body and promoting a positive mind/body connection, which could benefit you in your future workouts as well. This is a low-impact way to keep your body engaged and active on a day off.

Cycling On Rest Days

Cycling is another low-impact way to keep active without putting heavy mileage on your body. A bike ride is a great way to get some cardio in on that off day, yet it’s more gentle on your joints than a run. Of course, you can always try swimming or hiking for a similar sort of exercise, but we just love biking because of how quick and easy it is. You can hop on a stationary bike, or take a ride around your city. You can even combine hiking and biking with a mountain bike, if you so choose. It’s also a great, eco-friendly, way to cover lots of distance and explore new places you otherwise may not have seen.

Try Something New

Party like it’s 1999 and bring out the rollerblades or skateboard! Even if you’re never picked up a board in your life, this idea can be a great way to enjoy a beautiful day outside while keeping active. Not only are you staying reactive, but you’re learning a new skill and keeping your mind engaged. Even if it’s tricky at first, keep at it, and you will surely start to feel your mind, as well as your body, getting stronger.

Foam Rolling and Stretching On Rest Days

We have preached the importance of stretching for weeks now. Whether it’s pre-workout or post-workout, a good stretch is important on your days of activity. But even on your off day, it can be a great idea to get some foam rolling in. Not only will you be staying active, but you can also help promote healing. If you are sore following a particularly tough workout, a bit of rolling out your tight muscles can reduce inflammation in your muscles and improve your range of motion, making your life easier while you are still reeling from that workout. 

Walking As Active Recovery 

Last but not least, sometimes an active recovery day is just as easy as taking a nice stroll outside. Boost your blood flow with a 20-30 minute walk outside. Whether that’s heading out to your local park and enjoying the nice weather while we’ve still got it in the fall, or it’s going a few blocks around your neighborhood, you can rest assured knowing that you are doing good to your body by promoting positive healing, as well as your mind by clearing your head with an enjoyable and leisurely stroll as you enjoy the benefits of active recovery. 

It might feel hard to take a day off of working out, especially if you love the gym. But these are several great options to take it a little easier on yourself while also promoting some positive recovery for your body. Remember to make things even easier on yourself with our Rapid Recovery supplement to reduce your post-workout muscle soreness, and help give your body all the tools it needs to recover fully.

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