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Are Amino Acid Supplements Good For Children And Younger Athletes?

aminoVITAL products contain amino acids. You may wonder if amino acids are okay for your young athlete. Amino acids are not only okay but may help your child perform at a higher level.

Amino Acids Are Safe

We eat amino acids every day in foods that contain protein. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Most people associate amino acids purely with protein synthesis and muscle gain. However, they are also necessary for nearly every other physiological function. For instance, enzyme production, hormone regulation, cognitive ability, neurotransmitter balance, and metabolism. There are 20 amino acids in total, and all of them are required to make these vital processes happen.

Faster Than Protein Drinks

What is the difference between proteins drinks, bars or powders, and amino acids? Amino acids are absorbed much faster. They get into the bloodstream quickly and support hard-working muscles right away.

Protein vs. Amino Acids: What's The Difference.

Many sources of protein take time to digest, resulting in a slow release of amino acids in the body and to muscle tissue. In addition to a slower delivery and potentially feeling ‘full’ or bloated, whole sources of protein can cause stomach upset when consumed soon before or during exercise. That is because blood is moved toward working muscles while the body also needs to digest protein at the same time. While engaged in activities, amino acids help start the muscle building and repair process, making them an added benefit to every athlete’s training program.

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What is aminoVITAL?

Unlike heavily sugared and/or caffeinated energy drinks, aminoVITAL supplements and sports drink mixes are formulated around amino acids, the building blocks of protein. In healthy humans, there are 8 amino acids that are essential. This is to say, the human body cannot make them naturally, so you must get them from food or supplements.

Many companies source their amino acids from human hair, but aminoVITAL’s products contain AJIPURE pharmaceutical-grade amino acids. These amino acids are the highest-quality, plant-based amino acids that are also micronized, making them more soluble in water so they work faster in the body.

Amino Acids In aminoVITAL Products

BCAAs (Valine, Isoleucine, and Leucine) – Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) work together to turn on muscle building and repair. Leucine is the key amino acid that does this, but it must be consumed alongside the other BCAAs.

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Glutamine is abundant in the body and important for immune system health as well as gut health. If your body is going through tough training, you may benefit from supplemental glutamine.

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Arginine helps open up blood vessels to accommodate greater blood flow. Greater blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients delivered to your muscles.

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In conclusion, aminoVITAL amino acid sports drink may be a great alternative to mainstream, sugary sports drinks. It delivers the functional benefits to your young athlete, without sugar, caffeine or anything artificial! Though aminoVITAL products are perfectly safe for children, it is always best to consult your health care professional with specific questions about your young athlete before beginning this or any other nutritional supplementation program.

Where To Start:

Try aminoVITAL Action during your young athlete's next training session or competition. It is a deliciously simple way to experience the benefits described here. Action mixes with water and provides energy and healthy hydration for every sport with no sugar and no caffeine.

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