In our busy world, many women want to get as much as they can out of the time they spend exercising. You don't need supplements to improve your health, but BCAAs can enhance the results of your workouts. If you're looking for a way to recover from your workout quicker so you can keep your fitness routine on track, you might want to try BCAAs. These essential amino acids could help you and your fitness journey. BCAAs could improve your exercise endurance during exercise, as well as help to repair your muscles after. Let's talk more about how women can benefit from BCAAs.

What are BCAAs?

Simply put, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Once protein breaks down, our body uses amino acids for many functions. These functions include growth and repair of tissues, making enzymes and hormones, supporting immune function, an energy source, and much more. 

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) contain three essential amino acids – leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs are unique because the muscle metabolizes them instead of the liver. Therefore, the amino acids go directly into the bloodstream and your muscles for energy during exercise.

How do BCAAs work?

Leucine is responsible for initiating the muscle recovery process after training. Isoleucine works with leucine by stimulating the muscle to absorb glucose from the bloodstream, fueling the muscle-building process. Valine helps prevent muscle breakdown by supplying muscles with extra glucose responsible for energy production during physical activity. 

Should women take BCAAs?

Supplementing with BCAAs can help reduce soreness, improve body composition with exercise, and reduce mental and physical fatigue. Research has found that BCAAs are most beneficial for women during aerobic exercise to help reduce fatigue. BCAAs can also help to minimize muscle loss and allow body fat reduction for women with low calorie intake. 

BCAAs can be beneficial for everyone looking for the amazing benefits they bring.

How to add BCAAs into your daily routine

Since we meet our basic dietary needs through a balanced diet, supplements can meet the increased dietary need for an active lifestyle. There are many BCAA supplements options for women to choose from on the market. 

At aminoVITAL, we strive to create supplements for everyone for all activities. Our products are low in calories to help build lean muscle mass.  

Our best-selling Action mix has only 15 calories to further your fitness goals while still providing an array of advantages during exercise. It's as easy as mixing Action in your water bottle every day! BCAAs help reduce your mental and muscle fatigue, while electrolytes enhance your hydration. Whether you run marathons or practice new sports, aminoVITAL Action can help support your fitness journey wherever it takes you.


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