Around the world, the Ironman Triathlon is heralded as one of the most challenging events a human being can endure, and for good reason. Competitors must endure more than two miles of swimming, over a hundred miles of biking, and an entire marathon to cap things off – far beyond what most of us could manage. For this reason, those looking to earn the Ironman title put themselves through extensive, often years-long training to prepare their bodies and minds for the experience. Though each athlete has their own routine, the majority include some type of supplement to get the most out of their efforts, but those just starting off tend to ask, “What is the best supplement for Ironman training?” To find out, keep readings as the amino acid supplement experts at aminoVITAL® tackle this common question.

Top Supplements to Use During an Ironman Training Session

To get ready for the (arguably) ludicrous distances involved in an Ironman race, competitors must regularly engage in the kind of training that could make even professional athletes balk. Whether it’s an hours-long session in the pool or a run across county lines, future Ironmen have workouts that can often benefit from a boost in energy and focus, helping athletes push harder for longer and maximizing output during Ironman training. The following are some of the top pre- and mid-workout supplements to use during your routine:


Though it’s typically associated with bodybuilders and other musclebound types, creatine has potential as a pre- or mid-workout supplement for Ironman training sessions. This compound is used to produce energy in the body in the form of adenosine triphosphate, better known as ATP. While your body can produce ATP on its own, the demands placed on it during Ironman training can easily exceed the body’s natural production, but a dose of creatine can help with that issue.


ATP may be able to improve the results of quick, intense exercise, but as your Ironman training session continues, there comes a point when your body needs something more. One of the key resources it starts running out of is amino acids – in particular, a class of compounds called the branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs. These three amino acids are well-known for their ability to improve athletic performance at every stage of a workout, which is why you’ll find pre-, mid-, and post-workout amino acid supplements on the market.

Not only can these amino acids serve as a source of fuel for the body and promote the flow of another energy source – glucose – to the muscles, but they can help with focus and concentration as well. Normally, your body builds up serotonin as you work out, because the use of BCAAs by the muscles leaves more room for tryptophan (the precursor of serotonin) to enter the brain. This increase in serotonin is believed to cause exercise-related fatigue, but by taking a dose of amino acids mid-workout, you can help ward off that fatigue and stay sharp as you train.

Best Recovery Supplements for Ironman Training Routines

As important as it is for Ironman athletes to push themselves during training, it’s every bit as crucial that they help their bodies recover afterward; doing otherwise increases the risk of injury and can limit returns after each workout. Supplements offer an easy and efficient way to speed up the recovery process, as long as you choose the right ones. The following are some of the best recovery supplements for Ironman training:

Amino Acids

When muscle production and repair is important, amino acids are always a good option. The BCAAs, in particular, are highly regarded for their ability to boost muscle protein synthesis; leucine, one of these amino acids, is especially potent. However, the BCAAs aren’t the only amino acids that can help your body bounce back from a tough Ironman training session.

The amino acid glutamine has developed a reputation as an excellent part of post-workout supplementation. Studies1 have shown that it can help reduce soreness after exercise, something that any Ironman competitor can appreciate, and it may speed up the overall recovery process as well.

Fish Oil

As the body copes with the effects of an extensive workout routine, it often uses inflammation as a means to promote healing. Unfortunately, this inflammation can be very unpleasant, not only because of the discomfort but also because of its limiting effects on training. In addition to its other health benefits, fish oil provides fatty acids that can help fight inflammation and keep down soreness after your Ironman training.

Sports Drinks

It’s a well-known fact that proper hydration is a key part of maintaining peak performance during exercise, whether you’re engaged in Ironman training or a game of backyard soccer. While effective, water alone doesn’t quite provide everything your body needs to restore hydration; it’s missing the electrolytes that you lost via sweat. Sports drinks generally offer these electrolytes, plus another important ingredient when recovering from intense, prolonged exercise: simple carbs, which are needed to restore your glycogen reserves between training sessions.

Try Amino Acid Supplements During Your Next Ironman Training Session

Picking a supplement is often a personal experience. Some people go with the one that gives you bigger muscles, while others want greater stamina or improved focus. Amino acid supplements from aminoVITAL® touch on all these points (and then some), which is why everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes turn to amino acids for support when training or competing. Learn more about how amino acids work and order a pack today by visiting aminoVITAL® online or calling (888) 264-6673.



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