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Coach Noss’s Compound Move Series: Part 1

By amino VITAL
Coach Noss’s Compound Move Series: Part 1

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Now that the holidays are officially behind us and the people who made New Year’s resolutions to get healthy are starting to clear out of the gym, it’s time to get serious about our training programs.


Luckily for us, Coach Noss recently shared the exercises he’s been working on with Zach Johnson to get him ready for the season. These compound movements work through the hips, thurasic and shoulders to help build mobility and stability. They’ll also help with shoulder extension and your core.


First up, anti-rotation, cable-hold posterior lunges. This move works on stabilizing torso and the shoulder and strengthening your hips. Get into position with feet shoulder-width apart and the hand closest to the stack on the bar. Keep your behind and abs tight and set your shoulders. Working to keep your arms directly in front of you, take a deep breath in and step back into your posterior lunge. Come back to start position, set everything (abs, behind and shoulders) again and repeat. As you lunge back, be sure to keep your core engaged and refrain from letting your upper body rotate. Repeat 15-20 times, then switch to the other side. Phew! That’s one tough move. Thanks, Coach Noss!

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