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Coach Noss’s Compound Move Series: Part 2

By amino VITAL
Coach Noss’s Compound Move Series: Part 2
In Coach Noss’s new series, he’s sharing compounds moves that he’s been working on with Zach Johnson to get him ready for the season. These compound movements work through the hips, thurasic and shoulders to help build mobility and stability. They’ll also help with shoulder extension and your core. Last week, we learned about anti-rotation, cable-hold posterior lunges (and we’re still feeling the effects!), but we’re ready for the next move. So what’s up next from Coach? Step backs with a contralateral and ipsolateral wood chop. For this move, you’ll step back with the same leg and wood chop on both sides. Do this for a total of 10 times (10 step backs, 5 chops on each side), then switch to the other leg. Start with your body centered and both hands on the rope. Make sure your behind and abs are tight and your shoulders are back and set.  Next, step back into a lunge and, keeping your arms extended, bring them down to one side. There will be a slight rotation as you go through the chop. Step back up and re-set yourself. Step back on the same leg and chop to the other side. As mentioned before, perform 5 chops on each side, then switch legs. As you move through the range of motion, keep your abs and behind tight, arms extended and shoulders in the contracted position. Thanks for another great compound move, Coach Noss! We love feeling the burn!
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