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Coach Noss’s Exercise Progression Series - Part 1

Coach Noss shares the programs he’s put together for his college and pro athletes. He walks through a progression of corrective, functional and strength building moves that you can pick and choose from depending on where you are physically and what you’re trying to accomplish.   In this video, Coach introduces a crunch sequence. To start, you’ll need to put two tennis balls in a sock to act as a wedge for your spine. Place the sock so the balls are on either side of the spine. Reach your arms over your head for a full extension.  Exhale and extend up until your back is just slightly off the sock. Do five overhead arm extensions, then move the sock down the spine and repeat. Make sure you maintain your diaphragmatic breathing, keeping your lower back on the ground and engaging your pelvic muscles. If you don’t have thoracic mobility problems, move into the over-the-head crunch. You can also engage your hip flexors by placing your feet against a wall or add weight by holding and bringing a medicine ball or dumbbell up as you exhale. Staying in the crunch position, cross your right leg over your left leg with your right ankle resting on your left knee. Place your right hand on the mat and focus on keeping your right knee pressed forward away from your body.  Bring your left elbow towards the midline and then across your body. Next up are lying leg thrusts. When doing these, it’s important to keep your knees and feet above the hips to prevent a rocking motion. Keep your chin tucked and lift your toes as though you’re trying to touch the ceiling. The last move is the McGill Crunch, a breathing ab crunch. While still lying down, bend one leg and place your foot flat on the floor. Take a deep breath in, fill up your belly and forcefully push your navel to your spine. To keep tension off your neck, put your tongue on the roof of your moth. Take 3 to 5 deep breaths, and then switch feet. Ready to strengthen your core? Get moving and let us know what you think!
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