Strengthening your core isn’t just about working your abs. You need to strengthen your hips and glutes, too! Lucky for us, Coach Noss continues to share programs he’s put together for his college and pro athletes. He has provided a progression of corrective, functional and strength building moves you can pick and choose from depending on where you are physically and what you’re trying to accomplish. This week we work on building strength in our hips and glutes while also increasing ankle mobility.   He starts the video with a toe-heel lift for ankle mobility—raise up on your toe, then back on your heel. Do this 10-15 times on a balance pad for a larger range of motion, then move your ankle from side to side for 10-15 reps. Next, he does a 4-point touch rotating your foot from the big toe to the inside heel to the outside heel and then to the little toe. Do this 10 times in one direction, reverse directions and do 10 more. Next, place a blue resistance band around your ankles. Step to the side, then bring your feet together. Some people call these monster walks. Make sure you keep tension throughout your body, like in your golf stance. Repeat in the other direction. For right-hand golfers or other activities that favor the right side, take double the steps on your left side than on your right side. For more of a challenge, try slide-steps. Take a step forward and out, then bring the other foot in. This movement works the glutes and quads in a different way. Now step backwards and out.  Continue to maintain balance throughout your core. The next move in the progression is the transverse movement. This time you should step out and back, then squat. Repeat stepping back and squatting 10-15 times. Now you’re another step closer to a stronger core! Thanks, Coach Noss!

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