Do Amino Acids Give You Energy?

One of the hardest parts of staying active is finding the energy and motivation to get up off the couch and get your body working. To help with this, many people with active lifestyles turn to products like pre-workout shakes, most of which are made with stimulants to give you a boost in energy level, though more often than not, it comes with a crash later in the day. Still, there remains the hope that some product can provide the fuel for your workout without throwing off your sleep cycle or leaving you fatigued; enter amino acid supplements. Do these compounds give you energy, and if so, how much? To find out, keep reading as the amino acid drink mix experts at aminoVITAL explain.

What Do Amino Acid Supplements Do?

Almost anyone involved in fitness or athletics is familiar with the role played by protein powders and supplements; these products have become increasingly popular for their convenience and effectiveness at boosting muscle growth, though newer alternatives have begun gathering support as well. One such newcomer is the amino acid supplement, a leaner and more effective option for those who want to improve their performance without the burden of added sugar and calories.

For those who remember their biology lessons, amino acids are the building blocks of protein molecules. When you ingest the whole proteins in a shake or steak, those nutrients are broken down by the digestive system into their amino acid components, which are then put to work performing various functions in the body. This difference is part of what makes an amino acid supplement arguably superior to traditional protein powders: Free-form amino acids only require very minimal digestion, so your body can put them to work almost immediately.

Their fast bioavailability is only part of the draw of amino acid supplements, though. The products available from aminoVITAL, for example, contain only the bare minimum ingredients, such as a proprietary amino acid blend, sodium to provide electrolytes, and some stevia extract for sweetness without the sugar. This minimalist take on supplementation makes it easier to control your diet; protein shakes, on the other hand, can contain upwards of 20 grams of sugar per serving, not to mention all those excess calories and artificial ingredients.

Amino Acids and Energy Levels

Regardless of the overall benefits, we’re here to examine whether amino acids give you energy, so let’s consider that side of things. Typically, a healthy body on an average diet will use carbohydrates as a primary source of fuel; proteins and amino acids are only used as a last resort in most cases. However, there are a few different ways to look at the concept of “energy” as it relates to exercise. Do you feel jittery, or just less tired? Do you have more endurance, or does your intensity peak then taper off quickly? Do you feel sharper mentally, or is it your muscles that benefit? To phrase it another way, what are you looking for when you exercise?

Smooth, Consistent Energy

Most pre-workout drink mixes contain some kind of stimulant as their primary means of energizing the user. This might be effective at first, but the overall effect tends to be a burst of energy that peters out over time and leaves you to crash after your exercise. Amino acids instead strive to provide steady, consistent energy for the duration of your workout, so you can stay at your peak performance without getting jittery or crashing later in the day.

Fight Fatigue with Amino Acids

Time and again, amino acids have been shown to reduce the feelings of fatigue that hold people back during exercise. When you’re physically active, your muscles use up amino acids – particularly a kind called “branched-chain amino acids,” or BCAAs. As the levels of BCAAs fall, the amount of another amino acid, tryptophan, increases in the brain; this compound is then turned into serotonin, which is thought to contribute to exercise-related fatigue. In a nutshell, making sure your body has enough BCAAs to get you through your workout will help fight fatigue-causing serotonin and improve your overall energy levels.

Amino Acids Lead to Greater Gains

Like protein supplements, amino acids can also boost the creation of muscle tissue, increasing gains and reducing post-workout recovery time. Leucine – one of the three BCAAs and an essential amino acid – is especially effective at this, while isoleucine – another BCAA – helps to keep your muscles supplied with energy. And because the formulas from aminoVITAL are low in calories and sugar-free, you can be confident that all your newly earned gains are in the form of lean muscle.

Before making amino acid supplements a staple of your workout regimen, be sure to consult with your doctor. These compounds are safe and effective, but those with kidney disease or certain rare conditions may be better off with fewer proteins and amino acids in their diet.

Get a Steady Boost in Energy with Amino Acid Supplements from aminoVITAL

As the world of fitness supplements expands beyond protein powders and other traditional products, more advanced alternatives – such as amino acid supplements – have gained a following and the recognition that comes with it. If you or someone you know is looking for a boost in energy that won’t leave you trembling or exhausted at some point, try a product from aminoVITAL. Our formulas are lean and strong, just like you’ll be. Learn more about everything we offer by visiting us online or calling (888) 264-6673 today.

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