You care about being properly hydrated when you’re active; otherwise, you most likely wouldn’t be here. But did you know there are some activities that we wouldn’t necessarily think about being dehydrating when in fact, they are? Now, we know you never leave home without your trusty water bottle and a pack of aminoVITAL, but you might want to double down if you’re going to be participating in any of these activities:  


We know what you’re thinking…gardening is meditative and relaxing. We agree; however, all the bending over, digging, and lifting involved solidifies this activity as hard work outdoors that can cause excessive sweating. Make sure you are adequately hydrated while planting those spring azaleas.  

Relaxing in a Sauna  

While this activity may not be surprising in terms of the dehydration your body experiences, it is probably one of the only activities that produce excessive sweating while not actually moving. Having too long a sauna visit can lead to severe dehydration, so make sure you’re working your way up to longevity. Baby steps.  

Drinking Coffee 

While you may not want to give up your morning cup of joe, be aware that coffee itself is a diuretic. This means it helps rid your body of sodium and water, causing more frequent bathroom breaks. To balance your coffee intake, be sure to have an adequate water supply, so you don’t experience the side effects of dehydration.  

Skiing or Snowboarding 

While there’s a chill in the air and freezing temperatures, you can still break a sweat by skiing and snowboarding. Several factors increase the likelihood of dehydration during these activities. First, cold air is super dry, and the higher you are on the slopes, the drier the air. When the air is dry, more fluid is lost as vapor when we breathe. Additionally, we tend not to be as thirsty when we are cold. This is a recipe for dehydration, so don’t neglect H2O when you’re shredding that mountain gnar.  


Traveling, whether by car or plane, can make us extremely dehydrated. A lot of this is due to the lack of humidity in the pressurized cabin and the air conditioning system in our cars. When you have travel planned, opt for a trusty bottle of water with some aminoVITAL for maximum hydration and fatigue support to keep you going.  

Signs of Dehydration

As indicated, dehydration happens when your body isn’t getting the water it needs, and without water intake, your body doesn’t function well. Therefore it’s essential to pay attention to the warning signs of dehydration. Some indicators include excessive thirst, headaches, muscle cramps, cool skin, dry mouth, and dark yellow urine.  

The more severe symptoms of dehydration are feeling dizzy, rapid heartbeat and breath, fainting, and sunken eyes. Severe dehydration is considered a medical emergency, and medical treatment should be administered immediately.  

It’s important to remember that anyone can suffer from dehydration. Ensuring an adequate water supply, specifically when performing activities that generate sweat, is essential to our health and wellbeing.  

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