It’s not uncommon for life to get the better of a person, leaving them feeling drained and unable to get as much done in the day as they might like. This happens to everyone, but some face the challenge of reduced energy more often than others, sometimes to the point that they much seek out new and consistent ways of improving their natural energy levels. However, a quick search of the Internet or informal canvass of friends is bound to reveal any number of suggestions for dealing with this issue – some more harebrained than others – leaving the fundamental question without a clear answer: How can you increase your energy? To find out, keep reading as the team at aminoVITAL®, makers of amino acid fitness supplements, weigh in on this essential inquiry.

How Reducing Stress Can Boost Your Energy

Even the most naturally energetic individuals can sometimes find themselves struggling one day after the next, which tends to happen for one main reason: stress. As the demands of life build up, stress can drain a person’s reserves and make even minor tasks seem daunting; removing this damper can go a long way toward increasing your energy and making life more pleasant.

There are a number of ways in which you can effectively reduce stress in your life, many of which simply require a few easy-to-implement lifestyle changes. One of the most popular of these changes involves adding some form of mindfulness activity – most often meditation or yoga, though things like tai chi and self-hypnosis can prove useful as well. If this proves to be a struggle, consider turning to a friend or therapist for support.

Since much of the stress people experience comes from the workplace, taking steps to improve your work-life balance can help increase your energy, either by taking on fewer tasks or by setting strict limits on the number of hours you work each day. Of course, work isn’t only limited to places of employment; it can take a lot of effort to keep up with social obligations and family engagements as well, and by cutting back on these events, you can save some energy for your daily life.

Eating and Drinking to Increase Your Energy

We all know that what we eat becomes energy for our bodies, but not all foods are equally effective in this regard. One of the biggest hurdles to maintaining consistent energy levels is the consumption of simple carbs, such as refined sugars or starches. These foods are digested and absorbed into your system quickly, leading to a fast increase in energy that fades away before long, leading to the infamous “crash” that tends to follow sugar consumption. By reaching for foods with a low glycemic – such as whole grains and vegetables with lots of fiber, as well as other foods that take time to digest, such as unsaturated oils – you can provide your body with steady energy that will last longer and improve your overall health.

What you drink matters too, though. Many people turn to energy-boosting beverages like coffee or amino acid supplements designed to provide fuel for your muscles and mind, which can help wake you up in the morning or power through that afternoon slump. Even a glass of water can be effective at improving energy because it can ward off dehydration-related fatigue. In addition, give some thought to avoiding energy-sapping drinks like beer and wine, since alcohol can slow you down before long. 

The Importance of Exercise and Sleep for Increasing Your Energy

Along with soothing, stress-reducing activities like yoga or tai chi, many forms of exercise can increase your energy over time. By staying active, you can improve your body’s ability to circulate oxygen and make its fuel-burning process more efficient, so you’re left with more energy throughout the day. As a bonus, engaging in physical activities encourages the release of dopamine in the brain, which improves your mood and makes you feel revitalized as well.

Exercise also happens to be tied into perhaps the most important factor governing a person’s energy level: sleep. Without adequate rest, the body can’t function properly, and you’re left feeling tired all day long; over time, extended sleep deprivation can also leave your body more vulnerable to stress, worsen your mood, and hinder cognitive functions.

For many people, issues with sleep involve far more than just a late bedtime. What happens during the day affects how well we’re able to relax at night; for instance, exercising can help ensure you sleep soundly, while drinking coffee or an energy drink in the late afternoon or evening can leave you unable to rest when you finally head to bed. Similarly, alcohol has been known to interfere with a person’s sleep, as can nicotine. If you wake up each morning feeling like you hardly slept at all, it may be time to reexamine your habits, especially if you want to increase your energy.

Try Amino Acids to Increase Your Energy During Exercise

As important as exercise is to a person’s overall well-being, putting yourself through a tough workout can leave you feeling more than a little tired. To counter this fatigue, consider the addition of an aminoVITAL® mid- or post-workout supplement to your routine, as these products have proven effective at fighting exercise-related fatigue, protecting the muscles to limit soreness, and aiding in a rapid recovery. Learn more about how aminoVITAL® amino acid products can help you increase your energy during and after exercise by visiting us online or calling (888) 264-6673 today.

November 30, 2020 — amino VITAL

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