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How Does A Duathlon Athlete Train?

By amino VITAL
How Does A Duathlon Athlete Train?

Duathlon Athlete: Renee Harrington

My name is Renee Harrington and I am 37 years old. My primary sport is duathlon (run-bike-run multisport). I also compete in 5K and 10K road races, cycling time trials, and cyclocross.

I am currently training for Duathlon Nationals in late May in Tuscaloosa and Duathlon World Championship race in September in The Netherlands. 

Greatest athletic accomplishments

Placed 4th female overall 35-39 at 2019 Duathlon World Championship race in Pontevedra, Spain. I am also a 2 time Boston Marathon Qualifier.


I train 1-2 times a day, 6-7 days a week. I always will have a main cardio workout of running or cycling (one to two hours +), and then will have a second workout that is a cross-training workout of yoga, core work, or strength training (45 min to an hour). 

My cardio workouts are focused on running and cycling individually, but I will also do brick workouts at least once a week that is a combined back to back (no rest in between) run and cycle workout. Closer to a race I will transition to 3-4 brick workouts a week.

My cross-training workouts include yoga 3-4 times a week, strength training (weights, TRX, bodyweight exercises) 1-2 times a week, and core work most days.

Typical Workout

 Before each workout, I foam roll and do mobility exercises for warm-up. My cardio sessions will have both endurance training as well as various sprint or hill intervals included. I usually do intervals based on time rather than distance. For strength training, I most often do 30-second intervals as that will be around 15-20 reps depending on the exercise. I also mostly do supersets or giant sets to increase the effectiveness of the workout, while decreasing the time required for the workout.

aminoVITAL Products

I use Fast Charge before every workout and use Action during and after. I also use Action during the day to help maintain electrolyte balance.

Fast Charge gives me added energy for workouts as it has both BCAAs and B-vitamins. Action helps to prevent muscle cramping during my workouts. It also helps me to maintain electrolyte balance throughout the day.


As I have a background in nutrition, I am very aware in general of my training and recovery nutrition. Although I may not track specific meals, I do keep awareness and focus on proper nutrition for training and performance, ensuring I have a proper balance in my diet and am using supplements to help support. 

During the training season, recovery nutrition is much more important to ensure that I am ready for the next workout. Athletes that are in training generally have a 10-20% greater need for micronutrients that are lost through sweat, which is why the aminoVITAL products become that much more essential during my training and competitions.


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