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How To Have A Healthy Halloween

By amino VITAL
How To Have A Healthy Halloween

Halloween is a day full of costumes and indulging in your favorite candy. It may be tough to stay healthy. Here are 6 simple tips to have a healthy Halloween.

Eat a healthy snack before trick-or-treating.

If you are taking kids trick-or-treating, enjoy some healthy food before you go! Similar to grocery shopping while hungry, you can help moderate your cravings if you eat before. This also helps you have a healthy start to your Halloween experience!

Walk instead of drive.

Instead of driving kids house to house in your neighborhood, walk with them. This is an easy way to stay active! First, set a goal of how many houses you want to make it to and then make it a game! Either you or your child wears a fit-bit or uses an app to count your steps while you reach your goal. It will be fun at the end of the night to see how far you walked.

Everything in moderation.

Don't be afraid to let yourself have some candy. Halloween only comes once a year! However, don't overdo it the first night. Allow yourself and/or your kids to have 1-2 pieces of their favorite candy the first night. After that, ration your candy so you only have 1-2 pieces per day for a week or two.

Keep only your favorite candies.

Let your kids, or yourself, choose only their favorite candies. This will reduce the amount of candy in the house and reduce the temptation to over indulge.

Buyback programs.

Buyback programs offer cash or other incentives for your Halloween candy. The candy they collect will be sent overseas to support the troops. This is a nice incentive not to eat all of your candy!

Click here to see buyback programs in your area!

Stay hydrated.

Whether you're trick-or-treating or staying home, hydration is key. Thirst and dehydration make you feel hungry! Kick those cravings by staying hydrated with sugar-free options of water and Amino VITAL!

Stay energized without sugar or caffeine.

Stay energized this Halloween with amino acids + B-vitamins and NO sugar! Fast Charge boosts muscular energy during exercise, activity or your Halloween festivities. Fight fatigue and get the energy you need on the go - it's like candy without the sugar!

Use the promo code HALLOWEEN to save 30% off your next Fast Charge purchase!

Happy Halloween! 

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