No matter whether you are someone who is an avid exerciser, or simply who is busy on a day-to-day basis, increasing your water intake is a really important step in maintaining good physical health. We have touched upon how important staying hydrated is for working out, but it is good practice for anyone to stay vigilant in keeping your water levels in a good range. Of course, it’s also easy to forget to keep hydrated throughout the day, especially if you are not working up a thirst throughout the day. That’s why we are giving you a few easy ways to increase your water intake all throughout the day.

Take Water on the Go

The easiest way to make sure you stay hydrated is to keep water available on hand for you, and the best way to do that is with a reusable water bottle. Reusable water bottles are great for the environment, as you cut down on single-use plastic waste that comes with water bottle cases you purchase from the store, but it’s also important to find a water bottle (like aminoVITAL’s) that is BPA-free. That way, you stay healthy and know that it’s just water that you’re putting into your bottle. In addition, keeping water on hand will make sure that if you are ever thirsty, you will have something to drink at that moment. The ability to stay hydrated while on the go is half the battle, and you can make it even easier by keeping a reusable water bottle on hand at all times.

Keep a Water Log

A great way to ensure that you are drinking enough water is simply by monitoring it throughout the day. This can be a very useful tool for those who are just learning that they may need, or desire, to be more vigilant in maintaining their water intake, and may not know how much water they need throughout the day. A great baseline is the ‘8x8 rule’, which states that a full-grown adult should drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day. Simply keeping track of your water intake during the day in your phone notes app or in a pocketbook can make things easier for you and help you get a grasp on how much water you take in daily. 

Enjoy Your Own Flavored Water

Many flavored water drinks can include lots of added sugar or other ingredients you don’t need. Whether you are on the go or at home, though, there are plenty of other great ways you can spruce up your water. Before a workout, you can use great-tasting aminoVITAL Action to get ready to perform. Hydrating is key before a workout to give your body’s cells all the hydration it needs to get you performing at your peak level, and our Action packs provide the combination of great taste with BCAAs and nutrients you need for a successful workout. Throwing some fruit, especially citrus fruits for some Vitamin C, or herbs, like mint, can also be a great way to give yourself a jolt of energy and an extra dose of fruit or boost in nutrients in your diet.

Look Into a Filter

Clean tap water coming out of our faucets is a gift, and for some of us, a filter may be required for ensuring the safety of our water. But for all of us, filters provide some very key benefits. In addition to filtering out any potentially harmful chemicals, they can even sometimes enhance the taste of the water, getting rid of any metallic taste as a result of its filtration of minerals. You can put a filter on your tap, or you can purchase a pitcher to store in your fridge that filters water that way. Either way, having some peace of mind in the safety of your tap water can be a key step in making it easier to increase your water intake over the course of the day.

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