The old saying goes,” Bad habits are hard to break, and good habits are tough to make.” Well, we want to help change that by making working out, one of the best habits to get into, easier for you to manage. You may be a beginner, or you may just go through that pre-workout dread that we sometimes feel when you have a lot on your plate, but working out is great for body and mind, and it can be essential to everyday health. That’s why we want to help you make this one of your easiest and best habits to get into.

Pre and Post-Workout Care

One of the best ways to get into the workout is to give yourself time before and after your workout to get into the right mindset to workout, or to give yourself time to decompress after one. We’ve shown you some important pre-workout and post-workout tricks, but just as important in any of those blogs we listed is to give yourself the time to do them -- just as you section off time for a workout. If you have an hour allocated to working out, make sure you section off the first and last five or ten minutes of that time to getting prepared for the workout, getting stretched, mixing up your favorite aminoVITAL drink, and generally getting yourself in the headspace you need to be in for whatever situation it may be.


Start Small, and Be Positive

One of the things we always preach is to be gentle with yourself. If you are just starting working out, or haven’t yet made it a habit, take things slower and celebrate the victories. Maybe you achieved a personal best on the deadlift. Great! Take a moment and appreciate that. Or perhaps you just ramped up your workout and were able to make it through entirely. These are all great accomplishments and the time you spend celebrating your milestones will never be time wasted. It’s validation that you are treating your body right and doing right by yourself. Keep it up!

Switch It Up

Changing up the workouts is a great way, both physically and mentally, to keep yourself engaged. Physically, it will challenge your muscles as you ask them to do new and different things during your workout. Mentally, it will keep you engaged and interested in what you’re doing, and amping up difficulty can also demand more mental focus on any given task, as well. The easiest way to do this is by making sure you show some love to everybody part over a week while working out. Not only is that important for the variety, but overtraining a muscle region is very possible and it’s something that you never want to do out of injury concern. Keep your body and head on their toes by trying out new and exciting workouts and embrace the challenge!

Take Things Day-by-Day

Sometimes it can be frustrating not to see the results you want straight away. Or perhaps a bad workout the day before can make it tough to get amped up for the next day’s workout. It’s always important to keep things in perspective and remember that every workout is just one day. If you want to make working out and daily activity a habit, embracing the rougher days will go a long way in getting yourself comfortable and prepare yourself for the difficulties that may come while working out. If things are too tough, scale them back a day. If you’re frustrated with your progress, try a different routine or incorporate some new workouts into your day’s workout. It’s great to stick to a plan, but if you want to make it a daily habit, it’s also important to go with the flow each day and listen to and have an understanding of what your body needs on any given day. 

Working out can be tricky to get into the groove of, but once it becomes a habit, we have confidence that you’ll be ready for it day-in and day out. Remember to recover right with aminoVITAL’s Rapid Recovery and keep yourself ready for the next day’s challenges!


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