Finding out about a new and effective fitness supplement can be exciting, but it can also lead to a fair amount of questions. After all, the point of using a supplement is to get the most out of your workout; how can you do that without getting the most out of your supplement, too? Amino acids are a relatively new type of supplement that has only recently become widely available to fitness fanatics around the world. Still, in the short time that they’ve been around, amino acid supplements have made a big splash and garnered a reputation as a powerful and efficient means of improving gains on the field or at the gym. To learn more about amino acid pre-workout and post-workout supplements, including how to use them, continue reading as the people at aminoVITAL® explain.

What’s in an Amino Acid Supplement?

For many of you reading this, the term “amino acid” probably rings a bell; most of us heard about them in a high school biology class, where the teacher doubtless described them as the building blocks of protein. While this is true, there is much more to learn about amino acids, particularly as they relate to exercise.

Traditional protein shakes and powders often contain excessive amounts of calories, often in the form of added sugars, making them a less-than-ideal option for those looking to stay lean.  By comparison, amino acid fitness supplements like the ones from aminoVITAL® contain very little aside from the amino acids themselves – a dash of sodium for electrolytes, various vitamins, and perhaps a tiny amount of carbs to refill the body’s glycogen stores.

What are BCAAs and How Do You Use Them?

It’s worth noting that there are several classifications of amino acids, a few of which are especially important for developing stronger muscles and greater endurance. Of the 20 different amino acids our bodies use, nine of them can’t be made in the body and must be obtained from foods, drinks, or supplements; these are the “essential” amino acids. Within this group of nine, there are three particular compounds that have received special attention for their effectiveness as fitness supplements: the “branched-chain amino acids” (BCAAs) known as leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Because BCAAs are fast-acting and effective, the best way to use them is to take them just before you want to feel their effects. For example, if you use the Fast Charge pre-workout from aminoVITAL®, you don’t even need water to mix with; simply pour the packet onto your tongue before starting your routine and feel the amino acids take effect. Similarly, our Rapid Recovery mix – which does get mixed with water – should be consumed right after you finish working out to promote the healing process in your muscles. It should also be noted that amino acid supplements are most effective on an empty stomach, as food can slow the process of nutrient absorption.

Using BCAA Supplements for Health Benefits

Most amino acid supplements are based around BCAAs. Each of these compounds serves a specific purpose, and together they offer advantages that traditional protein-based products couldn’t hope to match. The benefits of BCAA supplements include the following:

  • Quick bioavailability – Unlike whole proteins, amino acids require almost no digestion before they’re absorbed into the bloodstream. This means that when you take an amino acid supplement, you’ll feel the effects almost immediately, whether you want steady, sustained energy right before a workout or less soreness and a faster recovery afterward.
  • No-frills formula – Rather than loading you up with excessive amounts of calories or sugars, amino acid supplements like those from aminoVITAL® focus on providing only those ingredients that will actually help you improve.
  • More energy – Amino acids have been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels and promote the use of glucose, the body’s primary form of energy, during exercise. This helps you feel energized throughout your routine without making you jittery or leaving you to crash after the gym.
  • Less fatigue – When you exercise, your body uses up BCAAs, which means a higher concentration of the amino acid tryptophan in your system. This tryptophan is then converted into serotonin in the brain, affecting mood, motivation, and energy levels; by taking a shot of BCAAs, you can restore balance to your body, limiting the amount of tryptophan that can get into the brain and keeping fatigue at bay.

If the aforementioned advantages sound good to you, consider trying an amino acid supplement. Every aminoVITAL® supplement is made with pharmaceutical-grade amino acids provided by Ajinomoto, a global leader in the research, development, and production of amino acids; get your hands on one today.

Build Your Strength and Speed with an Amino Acid Supplement from aminoVITAL®

If you or someone you know wants to find the best cutting-edge fitness supplement on the market, look no further than the amino acid supplements at aminoVITAL®. By providing powerful, fast-acting support for muscle growth, mid-workout endurance, and post-workout recovery – all without the extra calories found in protein shakes – aminoVITAL® offers a new way to improve both long-term and short-term performance without sabotaging your overall health and wellness goals. To learn more about all our products and how they can help you sculpt the body you want, visit us online or call (888) 264-6673 today.

February 10, 2020 — amino VITAL

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