In past years, protein supplements have reigned supreme as the most popular, most ubiquitous fitness supplement on the market. Everyone from bodybuilders and professional athletes to high school jocks and weekend warriors would down a protein shake after working out, and in many cases before or during their workout as well. Today, though, there is a new, more advanced option for those looking to boost gains and recover faster after a trip to the gym, a fitness supplement that provides familiar benefits without delayed effects or excess calories: amino acid supplements, also called BCAA supplements. Because they’re still relatively new, however, you might find yourself wondering whether it’s better to take BCAAs or regular protein supplements? To find out, keep reading as the people at aminoVITAL® explain.

The Difference Between Protein Supplements and Amino Acids

Though they are very different products, protein supplements and amino acid supplements share some surprising similarities. For starters, it helps to know that amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and they’re used to make everything from new muscle tissue to enzymes and neurotransmitters. When you drink a protein shake or add a scoop of protein powder to a smoothie, what you’re really after – whether you know it or not – is the amino acids those whole proteins contain.

To acquire those compounds, your digestive system breaks down the proteins you consume into their constituent parts – amino acids – then absorbs those molecules into the bloodstream, which carries them to the parts of the body that require their attention. When you take an amino acid supplement, however, you’re consuming free-form amino acids that don’t need to be separated via digestion, allowing your system to put them to use almost immediately.

Amino acid supplements also have the advantage of being quite a bit leaner than traditional protein shakes and powders – products that often contain significant amounts of calories, sugar, or both. The supplements available from aminoVITAL® are good examples of this; each supplement contains only a few dozen calories at most, and they have almost no sugar. This allows you to supplement your diet with those compounds you need to improve performance without sabotaging your overall health and fitness goals.

What are BCAAs?

Among the amino acids you’ll find in a supplement (whether it’s based on amino acids or whole proteins) are a group of three particular compounds that have proven quite effective at building bigger muscles and increasing overall endurance; these are the “branched-chain” amino acids, or BCAAs. Though these amino acids – called leucine, isoleucine, and valine – are classified based on their unique structure, they also stand out for the effects they have on the body before, during, and after exercise; we’ll explore some of those effects below.

Leucine is the BCAA that has been most widely studied. A significant body of research1 has linked this compound with the creation of new muscle tissue; it seems that leucine triggers muscle synthesis at an impressive rate, though isoleucine has a similar, if less potent, effect. Isoleucine also helps to facilitate the flow of energy to the muscles to enhance endurance, and it can speed up a person’s recovery time after exercise as well.

Valine, the last of the BCAAs, is sort of the little brother of the group. Instead of having a leading role, valine supports leucine and isoleucine as they improve performance and recovery. This amino acid also promotes healthy cognitive functions, protects muscle tissue from being broken down, and regulates the immune system, among other functions. The true strength of BCAAs lies beyond their individual contributions, however; when working as a team, BCAAs provide a number of benefits that make the amino acid supplement a unique product for those focused on fitness.

So Which is Better, BCAAs or Protein Supplements?

Generally speaking, amino acid supplements are the superior product, though it will depend on what kinds of benefits you want to see. The stripped-down, no-frills formula used in amino acid supplements makes them an ideal choice for those looking to build lean muscle without adding fat, but that also means that those supplements lack some of the extraneous nutrients found in protein powders. If you take protein as a nutritional supplement or to help facilitate weight gain, then amino acids are probably not the product for you; however, if your focus is on simply building muscle or slimming down, then these supplements are just what you’re looking for.

And the amino acid supplements available from aminoVITAL® are among the highest-quality pre-workout supplements and post-workout products you’ll find. Each packet contains vegan amino acids crafted by Ajinomoto, a global leader in amino acid research, development, and production. This ensures that our amino acids meet the highest standards of purity, so you can be confident in their effectiveness. Try an amino acid supplement from aminoVITAL® today and see the difference for yourself.

Find the Best Amino Acid Supplements at aminoVITAL®

If you’ve been looking for the next big thing in fitness supplements, or if you’re simply interested in trying something new, then check out the amino acid supplements at aminoVITAL®. By providing your muscles with exactly what they need to rebuild quickly and effectively, you can experience greater gains, enhanced endurance, and faster recovery times after every workout, all without unnecessary calories or sugars. To learn more about the amino acid supplements from aminoVITAL® and how they can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, visit us online or call (888) 264-6673 today.



March 02, 2020 — amino VITAL

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