After improving our golf swing thanks to tips from Team Amino Vital experts, PGA coach Chris Noss and athletic performance and fitness trainer Brandon Havas, we were curious to know what was the best advice they’d received. The Biggest Tip for Beginners: First and foremost, both Havas and Noss, along with Team Amino Vital Everyday Athlete Michael Hicks, a University of Arkansas Sports Management grad student, say that the having the right equipment can help improve a person’s game. “A person should test or demo clubs before actually buying them,” says Hicks. “This allows him or her to figure out what clubs they like and work with best.” Coach Noss also says the ball also plays an important role in getting the most out of your game. “During the club exploration, make sure you find the ball that matches up with your club head swing speed,” he shares. “This will give you better scores and, of course, a better enjoyment of the game.” But what was the best advice they were given? Coach Noss shares two most important words of wisdom he’s received over the years. The first came from his mom, Jennifer Noss, when he was eight. She told him, “Walk quickly to the ball, but take your time at address. Use the time getting to your ball to assess your next shot, get your yardage, pull your club, then slow it all down, use your breath and commit to the shot.” The next piece of advice came after he’d been playing golf for many years from PGA coach Sean Foley. “He strengthened my grip and made me practice in front of a mirror, so I could see my turn and the position of my backswing at the top of my turn,” says Coach Noss. “This gave me tremendous feedback on what it should feel like to be in the proper position at the top of my swing, giving me the ability to use the power generated from the correct shoulder turn and hip position as the club fell naturally towards impact. I had been playing golf for many years and that day I hit the ball the best I had ever hit it in my life.” For Havas, it was it was about keeping your swing tempo in check: “Always swing under control to a balanced finish. Doing this usually means everything went well, and you were able to make good contact.” But at the end of the day, Hicks reminds us to have fun: “The best advice given to me was to become as relaxed as possible on the golf course and to have fun. Once a competitive golfer can overcome the issue of thinking about shooting a certain score or worrying what other people are going to think of them, he or she will feel less stressed and more than likely end up with a higher score.” Thanks, guys! Tell us: What is the best piece of advice you’ve heard on the greens?

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