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Move Like a Pro: How to Make Weight Training Manageable for Triathletes

By amino VITAL
Move Like a Pro: How to Make Weight Training Manageable for Triathletes
Last week we asked, “How many times a week do you add in strength training sessions? What’s your preferred method?” Team Amino Vital triathlete Beth Andrew told us she includes 3 to 4 sessions each week, and her favorite method is Pilates. Here are some of her easy-as-A-B-C tips to fit it all in: ADD IT ON The best way to fit in strength is to do it as an add-on to the swim, bike or run. Incorporating strength into a workout or finishing with core movements can be the best way to find time for it. Her favorite way to get in the work she needs for her hip flexors, lats and core is to add it to whatever discipline she’s working on that day. She’ll hop out of the pool at the end of a session for a few minutes of pushups, tricep dips or planks. On her long trainer rides in the winter, she’ll hop off the bike every 20 minutes and include four-to-five minutes of TRX, Pilates, power yoga or planks to add variety to all the time in the saddle. She adds on to her mid-distance runs by hitting a quick circuit of TRX for 15 minutes (or less). BUILD IT IN  Many swim/bike/run workouts are meant to engineer strength and fatigue resistance. Swim with paddles, bands and buoys. Do hill repeats on the bike. Do speed work at the track. Try trail running or running stairs. Building in one discipline once a week is a great way to teach your major muscles how to react to different stimuli. CHECK IT OUT Explore strength classes! Nowadays there are TRX classes, boot camps, kettlebell, Pilates, yoga and BOSU classes in nearly every gym. Try something new each month to build your library and add variety. Plus, going to a class creates an appointment on your calendar.  It takes the guesswork out of what you’re supposed to do and how you’re supposed to do it. Having an instructor to guide you is an amazing way to correct your form, keep you accountable and motivate you. In the end, it’s a delicate balance to fit it all in, but having options and getting creative with what you know will keep you ahead of the game. Thanks, Beth, for the awesome advice!
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