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Move like a Pro Swimmer: Proper Freestyle Technique

By amino VITAL
Move like a Pro Swimmer: Proper Freestyle Technique
If you’ve been following our weekly Move Like a Pro swimming series in June, you’ve got the proper gear, strengthened your core and found your rhythm with breathing while swimming. Now it’s time to kick your speed up a notch by nailing down the proper freestyle technique. Luckily, Team Amino Athlete and 3X Olympic swimming medalist, Megan Jendrick, has the details on just what to do. “One of the most common problems I see is with hand placement,” shares Jendrick. “People tend to cross over their head with each stroke.” The key is to enter the hand just outside of the shoulder line and get ‘up’ on your elbows as quickly as possible. When your hand enters the water on each stroke, keep the elbow high near the surface and bend the arm so the fingers are pointing down. This guarantees that you’re pulling water behind you right away with each stroke. You should also try to take a breath as quickly as possible. “Keeping your head turned and taking longer than necessary to breathe will throw off your rhythm and make you less efficient,” she explains. And last, but not least, your feet: “When you’re kicking, keep your toes pointed behind you and in line with the rest of your body,” says Jendrick. “This helps make your feet work like fins to help propel you though the water.” Thanks, Megan!  We’ll be watching our hand placement the next time we’re counting laps! Tell us: What training tip has helped you the most with your swimming technique?
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