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Move like a Pro Swimmer: Tips on how to breathe underwater

By amino VITAL
Move like a Pro Swimmer: Tips on how to breathe underwater

We rarely have a second thought about breathing while going about our day, but that all changes as soon as we hit the water. To help us find our rhythm while breathing underwater, we asked Team Amino Vital Athlete and 3X Olympic swimming medalist Megan Jendrick to break it down for us.
Every time you take a breath, your body gets slightly out of alignment, she explains. So you only want to do it when necessary rather than making it a normal part of your stroke. Plus, when your head is above water, you end up pushing more surface area through the water and adding unnecessary resistance, which can result in a slower pace or possibly more rest breaks.
Therefore, it’s important to find your rhythm. Many people have success with breathing in every three strokes. This lets you alternate sides instead of just taking a breath on your dominant side and will keep you balanced as well as in a more efficient position for longer. But make sure to steadily exhale while you’re under water, so once you surface, your lungs are empty and ready to inhale fresh new air.
Thanks for the tips, Megan! Be sure to come back next week for moves that will help keep you aligned and balanced in the water.

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