We’re feeling inspired after watching the PGA Championship last week! So inspired that we went to Team Amino Vital experts, PGA coach Chris Noss and athletic performance and fitness trainer Brandon Havas, to nail down the proper mechanics of a swing and improve our game. On cocking and un-cocking your wrists during a drive: “Proper wrist cock and un-cocking will help your club stay on the correct path on the backswing,” explains Coach Noss. “And it provides power and accuracy as you come through the ball on the downswing.” He recommends finding someone to analyze your movement to make sure you are getting the most out of each swing. “Maintaining lag or wrist cock in the downswing is a key factor in getting the most power out of your swing, but there are many factors that come into play in determining how much and for how long an individual should maintain his or her wrist angles.” On your shoulder turn and hip stability: “Hips are the key in power,” says Havas. “The key is to get the hips moving independently from the upper body, which it creates more torque and speed for the club head.” He explains that kinematic sequencing is also very important in your swing—on the back swing, think arms, torso, then hips, and then on the way down, think hips, torso, then arms. Coach Noss agrees: “Stabilizing the lower body while creating a full turn in the shoulders is what we as trainers work on with our pros constantly. Making the lower body more powerful to create stability and strengthening the upper body through a bigger range of motion is key in maintaining a healthy back and proper swing mechanics.” Great tips, guys! We can’t wait to put them to use!

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