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Police Unity Tour Follow-Up: Sargent Jane Burns on training, dieting and more!

By amino VITAL
Police Unity Tour Follow-Up: Sargent Jane Burns on training, dieting and more!
Team Amino Vital Athletes, Sergeant Jane Burns, Master Police Officer Elizabeth Melendez and Detective Anne Rizza, are gearing up for the Police Unity Tour Chapter IV in Fairfax County. Jane filled us in on training and tips for other athletes preparing for a big event, in her case, approximately 220 miles! Training is going well. My number one challenge has been time!  I work nights and often have court. I am a single Mom so I have schoolwork, soccer practices, etc.! But, I have made some adjustments to my training this year to help manage my time. I have planned ahead to do some 50-60 mile rides. Since the weather has been bad, I did measurements on my bike and put my bike seat on my indoor training bike. I tried to “mirror” the bike’s positioning. I have also added spin classes to my training. I like to go 2 or 3 times a week. As for my diet, I haven’t really changed anything. I am generally a health eater. I have a ton of food allergies, including fruit. Yes, all fruit, plus tree nuts and most raw vegetables! I have to work hard to keep a clean diet. My tips for other athletes would be to plan your training into your schedule. If it’s in your schedule and planned, you’re less likely to skip it.  Any workout is better that no workout! I recently saw a poster that said, “ ‘I really regret that workout’…said no one, ever.” I thought that was funny, and true! Amino Vital is working great for me. It makes a huge difference in my muscle recovery. Endurance and Pro are number tops on my packing list! I used them when I rode last year and it made a HUGE difference. The biggest difference is that I feel much more recovered the next day. The first day of the ride covers 103 miles…It’s a good feeling when you feel recovered and know you still have a 99 mile day ahead of you! Thanks for the update, Jane! Keep moving! We can’t wait to root for you and your teammates on May 10th
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