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Raleigh IRONMAN Recap: Amino Vital Fans Finish 6th Overall for Relay Teams

By amino VITAL
Raleigh IRONMAN Recap: Amino Vital Fans Finish 6th Overall for Relay Teams
We caught up with Amino Vital fan Anna Jones and her relay team (made up of her husband Colin and her brother-in-law, Neal) after the Raleigh 70.3 IRONMAN. They finished 6th overall for relays teams with a time of 5:33:48! Go team! Neal kicked off the race with a strong 1.2-mile swim in choppy waters and finished in 53:20. Next up, Anna completed her 56-mile bike ride in an impressive 3:12:09. To finish strong, Colin ran 13.1 miles in a speedy 1:24:53 (the 10th fastest time of the day!). For those of you considering signing up for next year, Anna shared these helpful tips:
  • Plan your entire week of workouts at the beginning of each week. Doing so helped Anna get in all the mileage she needed, but it also ensured she got the right amount of rest days.
  • Train with someone else. Anna relied on two groups of cycling friends as well as her sister, Team Amino Athlete, Beth Andrew, to keep her motivated. In fact, during one long ride, she ended up completing a 70-mile ride instead of the planned 50 miles, thanks to her sister’s encouragement!
  • Even as you taper down towards the end of training, add a strong, fast finish to each ride or run. Not only did this help Anna learn to pace herself, but it also taught her body to know how to push at the very end. This was key to finishing strong on race day.
But mostly importantly, come race day, Anna and her sister Beth like to say: The hay is in the barn.  In other words, trust in your training! Congrats to Anna and her team!

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