Five Surprisingly Dehydrating Activities

Five Surprisingly Dehydrating Activities

You care about being properly hydrated when you’re active; otherwise, you most likely wouldn’t be here. But did you know there are some activities that we wouldn’t necessarily think about...
April 25, 2022
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Key Reasons to Hydrate While Working Out

We all know that it’s extremely important to keep our water intake high while working out, but the exact reasons behind it may not be well known to you. There are also some important reasons for maintaining your hydration that also may come secondary to the fuel to your body.
February 07, 2022
Woman on biking trail drinking amino vital from water bottle

The Importance of Hydration for Athletic Performance

Drinking enough water every day is not only important to our overall health, but our athletic performance as well. Staying hydrated can improve our physical performance and potentially reduce the risk of injuries. Benefits of drinking water There are many benefits of drinking enough water every day.
August 11, 2021