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The Right Running Shoe

By amino VITAL
The Right Running Shoe

Perfect running weather is upon us!

Whether you’re an avid marathon runner, just like to run for fun, or running just to stay in shape, finding the perfect running shoe is very important but can be challenging.

With the different styles and shapes of running shoes, no wonder athletes and weekend warriors are confused and frustrated when searching for the perfect shoe. Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when finding the perfect running shoe.

Have someone knowledgeable look at your stride

look at your running stride

Some athletic shoe stores will have people to help determine your type of running stride. With all the fads and styles of shoes, it's tough to know which shoe is the right shoe. Style and brands have a place for different people. Your perfect shoe will depend on your running style, anatomic structure, gender, age, weight, etc.

Test your shoe’s flexibility

test your shoe flexibility
Premier Orthopaedics

Having a shoe that is too flexible will not offer enough support which makes your body have to work harder, and slows your speed. You want to get a shoe that offers a little flexibility at the foot's natural bend. Already have excessively flexible shoes? You can counteract some flexibility by inserting athletic shoe insoles. Also, make sure that you tighten all of the laces up your shoes when tying them. This will offer more support as well.

Your feet change with age

your feet change when you get older

 The perfect shoe five years ago won’t be the perfect shoe today. Not only does age have an impact, but childbirth will also change your feet significantly. If you are starting to see a difference in your shoe's support and comfort, it's probably time for another pair.

You might not be a heel striker

you might not be a heel stiker

Just because you “heel strike” does not mean you are a true heel striker. Heel striking is when your heel makes contact with the ground first during your running stride. Many runners’ heels might be the first to touch the ground, but if properly aligned and the center of gravity is correct, these runners still roll forward, causing the majority of impact mid-foot.

Beyond shoes, quality wicking running clothing and socks are recommended. Wearing the proper socks is important to keep your feet dry, comfortable and free from blisters. Moisture-wicking clothing will keep you dry while causing less irritation to your skin.

Protect Your Muscles

Running is hard on your muscles. You can protect your muscles with amino acids to prevent fatigue, repair any muscle damage and reduce any next-day soreness. Amino acids are 3x faster than protein to keep your muscles healthy quicker. Amino VITAL Action has amino acids + electrolytes to keep you hydrated during your run while Rapid Recovery has amino acids + complex carbs to help your muscles recover faster.


Now that you have the right gear, find the right race! From a 1 mile run to a marathon, find a race in your area here:


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