Working out isn’t just about how you exercise and what muscle groups you target, but it’s also about what you do before and after. We’ve taught you all about post-workout recovery, and our Rapid Recovery supplement can help with that too, but just as important is the pre-workout habits that you make for yourself. We wanted to provide some of our favorite pre-workout tips that will be sure to get you forming good habits in no time. 

Prepare For Your Workout

Preparation is key. Perhaps more than anything else when it comes to working out, you need to know what you want to do, and where everything is. If you go into a training session blind, not only will you be more stressed out as you’re without a plan for the workout, but you might be unprepared. Get your music playlist good to go, mix your aminoVITAL Action well in advance and toss it in the fridge, and plan out that outfit with plenty of time in advance, so once you’re mentally getting ready for the gym all you’re thinking about is how you’re going to crush this workout!


Eat Before Your Workout

Another good pre-workout habit to get into is eating before you exercise. You will want to make sure to strike a good balance with the amount you eat as well as when you eat before you start your workout. You know your body better than anyone, so be mindful of foods you can and can’t handle ahead of a workout. Likewise with timing, you will want to make sure you have enough food in your stomach to fuel you through the workout, but you don’t want to eat too close to the time of workout for fear of upsetting your stomach. Protein bars, fruits and smoothies, and yogurt, all washed down with our aminoVITAL Action, are great anytime before a workout.

Pre-workout Warm-ups

Stretching out or warming up before you workout is a key part of anyone’s workout, no matter what you do. How you warm up will depend on what you plan on doing, but regardless of what that is, you will want to make sure to dedicate some time to getting loose and warming up those muscles. For example, if you’re planning on a long run, a light jog for a short while is a good way to get the muscles dedicated to running warmed up and ready to go. Stretching is key before and after you workout, so you give your muscles time to get ready for the stress you’re going to put them under, as well as giving them time to unwind. 

Positive pre-workout habits are important to build so you allow yourself time to get prepared for the events to come. Working out can be intense, no matter how experienced you may be. If you’re a newbie to the world of spending time carrying out strenuous physical activity, a pre-workout routine can get you settled into the rhythm of a workout quickly. If you’re a veteran of it, good pre-workout habits can get you mentally focused and in the headspace your activities demand. Like a professional athlete needs to get into their “zone”, you need to as well! And like all great athletes, taking time to prepare for what’s coming is crucial to your success.

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