Having a strong core has many benefits.

Many of the basic activities of daily life engage the core. You might not notice until these simple actions become difficult or painful. Bending to pick up a package, turning to look behind you, sitting in a chair or simply standing are a few of the many actions we all take that rely on the core. Jobs that require physical activity obviously engage core muscles. Less obvious tasks, like sitting at your desk for 8 hours, also engage the core. Work can make back muscles stiff and sore, but low back pain can be prevented by strengthening core muscles. Weak core muscles contribute to slouching and bad posture. Good posture lessens wear and tear on the spine and allows for deep breathing. Golfing, tennis, biking, running, swimming, baseball, volleyball, kayaking, and many other athletic activities are powered by a strong core. Your core stabilizes your body, can lessen your risk of falling and increase balance.

Here are our top 3 core strengthening exercises

 Stability ball crunches 

These crunches allow you to extend back as far as possible, then pull up all the way forward from your elbows to knees. It works the full range of motion and is easier on your back. stability ball crunches
Sit on the stability ball with your feet flat on the floor. Lower your spine onto the ball as you walk your feet away from the ball until your shoulders, back, and tailbone are resting on the ball. Exhale, and slowly curl your torso towards your thighs. Hold for one second, then gently inhale while slowly uncurling back towards the ball. Keep feet planted on the floor at all times.


v ups
Lie on your back with legs straight and arms straight overhead, fingers clasped together. Lift your arms, upper body, and legs towards each other, as high as you can. At the top of the movement, only your buttocks should be touching the floor. Lower yourself slowly to starting position


Lie on your stomach and prop yourself up on your elbows and toes. While keeping your body in a straight line and looking straight down at the floor, press gently into the floor with your elbows, and spread your shoulder blades away from the spine. Resist allowing your tailbone to rise toward the ceiling or slump to the floor.

Try these core exercises at least three times per week.

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Sources: Harvard Health Publishing
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