What you fuel your body with before working out is just as important as your workout routine. We’ve talked about important nutrients for working out, but what about the foods that supply you with those nutrients? Making sure you have enough energy to crush your workout is vital, and the food that you have right before your workout can play a big role in that. We wanted to highlight a few foods (and drinks) that are great to have before your next workout session.

What Foods to Look For

When it comes to pre-workout fuel, there are two essential components to watch out for. The first is protein. Foods that are high in protein will help to stimulate the production of new muscle while also helping to repair any muscle that might get worn down as a result of your workout. The other is carbs, which, as your main source of energy, will keep you alert and energetic during your entire workout. Even better is when you can combine these two while adding in some additional nutrients or amino acids for one great meal.

Our Top Pre-Workout Picks:


A smoothie is an excellent way to start your day, and it’s a fantastic option ahead of your next workout, as well. Smoothies are easy to digest, which means they will be light on your stomach before you head into your gym. The key ingredients of a homemade smoothie all provide something crucial to your fueling-up process. Yogurt packs a protein punch, fruits are a great source of healthy sugars and carbs to give you energy, and throwing some extra ice will not only keep it cold but also keep you hydrated as a result. As a bonus, add some spinach in for an extra jolt of nutrients.


A banana can be a great fruit to throw into your smoothie, but if you’re running low on time simply having one on its own is also a great option. Bananas are easy to digest for your stomach, but they also provide you with a key electrolyte in potassium. Potassium can help ward off muscle cramping during your workout, and this also makes them a great option for a post-workout snack, as well. 

aminoVITAL’s Action Supplement

Supplements are a great way to get ready for your workout, but knowing which supplements will get you performing at your peak and which will slow you down is useful knowledge to have. The aminoVITAL Action supplement is the gold standard of supplements, and for good reason. Packed with BCAAs and minerals and electrolytes, and with zero grams of sugar, the Action sticks are the perfect way to get your workout started, and are also a great option to mix in with water and have by your side during a workout, as well. 


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

One of the easiest sandwiches to make is also one of the most beneficial ahead of a workout. Using high-quality ingredients can turn it up a notch, both in taste and in health benefits. The bread we recommend is whole-wheat, and jelly provides your body with the carbs you need for the workout. The peanut butter, which, like the jelly, we recommend to be all-natural if possible, adds a dose of protein to the meal and will keep you from feeling hungry during your workout. Like a smoothie, this is a great combination of a few foods combining to make one perfect pre-workout meal.

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