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Top Outdoors Fitness Activities for Winter

By amino VITAL
Top Outdoors Fitness Activities for Winter

For many of us, winter can mean very cold weather, maybe even some snow, and definitely a lack of desire to take our workouts outside. However, if you can brave the cold, there are plenty of great activities to keep your fitness level high and enjoy a beautiful winter day. Here are just a few of our favorite outdoor fitness activities for the winter!

Ice Skating

Ice skating is not for all of us, but it can be a great opportunity to enjoy some quality time with friends while getting a workout in. Ice skating is a great fitness activity for winter because it works out every muscle group in your body while also promoting joint flexibility in your legs. In addition, because of the intensity, even a light skate is a great way to get your heart rate up and help out your cardiovascular health. If you live by an ice rink, or perhaps you’re so lucky to have a frozen pond that is safe to skate on around you, this can be a great way to stay active outdoors in the winter!


Skiing is perhaps even another step up on the difficulty meter from ice skating, but if you can master skiing (or if you’ve already mastered it), then you are in for a fantastic workout. Skiing is a total lower body workout as well as also being a great workout for your heart. Studies have shown that skiing has an equivalent effect on your body as cycling or rowing, which makes this a great option for those of us that like to cycle but want a new challenge in the snowy months. It can be difficult to get the opportunity to go somewhere that is skiing friendly, but if you can hit the slopes, your body will thank you for it!


Hiking is an excellent activity in the summer, of course, but it can also be a great way to keep busy in the winter as well! We have talked about the benefits of hiking, and it’s worth repeating that this is an excellent way to give yourself a great workout while keeping things low-impact on your joints. It is also worth keeping in mind some winter hiking tips, including going hiking earlier in the day to avoid being out when it gets frigid, remembering to bring a water bottle, since you sweat more in the sun and the layers, and bringing along some aminoVITAL Action to stay hydrated and give yourself the nutrients you need for a great hike!


Winter Chores

If you’ve worked in lawn care, or if you’re a homeowner, you certainly know the difficulty that doing those winter chores can give to your body. Whether it’s shoveling snow or raking leaves or cleaning off your car in the morning, no one exactly likes to do these things, but they do give your body some benefits. Shoveling snow, for example, is a great opportunity to get your body moving early in the day (provided you’re doing it before heading into work) and it works out your entire body. It will also provide you the added benefit of giving yourself two things to knock off your to-do list for the price of one, which is great for those of us who are busy and struggle to find time in our schedules to get up and active. Winter may not be the perfect time to spend time outdoors, but there are plenty of ways to stay active and enjoy some fresh air in the chilly months!

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