The idea of veganism comes from a group of vegetarians in England who decided to reject all products made from animals; these individuals broke off from the Leicester Vegetarian Society in 1944 and created their own group – the Vegan Society – which takes its name from an abbreviated form of the word “vegetarian.”

Veganism offers many benefits to those who practice it, this lifestyle could come with challenges. For those looking to build muscle, protein and amino acids are essential. Because vegans avoid meat, finding a protein source could be difficult.

Using a Vegan Amino Acid Supplement

Protein plays a pivotal role in the production of new muscle tissue, a lack of this key macronutrient can hinder your fitness results. However, there is a fundamental truth about the link between protein and fitness. The truth is this: Your body doesn’t care about protein. What your body needs is actually what’s inside the protein – amino acids. When you eat seitan, quinoa, chickpeas, or any other vegan protein source, your body will simply break the links between the amino acids in those protein molecules through digestion, then send the amino acids through the bloodstream to the tissues and organs that need them.

Supplementing with free-form amino acids like those in aminoVITAL products produces the same effects in a more efficient way. Because these supplements require almost no digestion, the amino acids they contain are absorbed into the body much more quickly than those from whole proteins. This difference in bioavailability is clear when taking an amino acid supplement, as you’ll likely feel the effects right away instead of having to wait for the digestive process.

Ingredients in a Vegan Amino Acid Supplement

The amino acids found in aminoVITAL products come from a patented fermentation process to create pharmaceutical-grade amino acids. Aside from that one common denominator, however, the exact contents of our supplements vary depending on their intended use.

Most amino acid-based fitness supplements are built around a very specific class of amino acid: “branched-chain amino acids,” or BCAAs. These compounds – leucine, isoleucine, and valine – are renowned for their pre-, mid-, and post-workout benefits. The compounds glutamine and arginine also offer some fitness-related advantages.

The Benefits of Amino Acid Supplements

Leucine, the most well-known of the BCAAs, is the compound responsible for triggering the synthesis of new skeletal muscle, which means stronger arms and legs. Isoleucine and valine help direct energy to the muscles during exercise, and isoleucine can boost users’ recovery speed, too. These compounds also offer secondary benefits, such as a reduction in exercise-related fatigue and better regulation of blood sugar levels.

Though it’s not a BCAA, Glutamine has the ability to reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery times. Arginine promotes better circulation by encouraging vasodilation, the opening of blood vessels, which helps transport more energy and nutrients to the muscles that need them. In all, the amino acids found in aminoVITAL products can cause noticeable improvements in athletic performance, both in the short term and over time that can fit into a vegan lifestyle.

High-Quality Vegan Fitness Supplements Available from aminoVITAL

Getting the most out of your workout can be tricky if you’re a vegan, since many common fitness supplements include ingredients that come from animals. That said, amino acid supplements from aminoVITAL can provide all the advantages of even the most popular protein shakes and powders without a single animal-based ingredient.

August 03, 2021 — amino VITAL

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