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Welcome Megan Jendrick!

By amino VITAL
Welcome Megan Jendrick!
Megan Jendrick Roll out the welcome mat for new Team Amino Vital Pro Athlete Megan Jendrick, 3x Olympic swimming medalist! She has earned two Olympic gold medals and one Olympic silver medal during her career (2000 Sydney, 2008 Beijing). She is also a 14-time member of the US National swim team and has set 27 American and world records. Megan has been awarded 10 US national titles, 10 US Open Championships and competed in two world championships, earning two silver medals. Also an accomplished writer, Megan is a former fitness columnist for FitnessRx for Women Magazine and the co-author of Get Wet, Get Fit. We look forward to following Megan’s journey this year on the swimming circuit! Her next event is the Western Sectional Championship meet in Federal Way, WA. She's also planning on attending the USA Swimming National Championships in Indianapolis this summer. Stay tuned for more from Megan!
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