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Welcome Police Unity Tour Riders, Jane, Liz and Anne!

By amino VITAL
Welcome Police Unity Tour Riders, Jane, Liz and Anne!
TeamAV - Jane Burns Elizabeth Melendez Anne Rizza Welcome to Team Amino Vital, Jane Burns!  You’ll hear more from her and her team as they gear up for the Police Unity Tour Chapter IV in Fairfax County, VA! She’ll tackle the ride on May 10-12 with her teammates Elizabeth and Anne! The teammates belong to a 1,500 officer department, 400 square miles just outside of Washington DC. They serve a community of about a million citizens! Why are they riding?  Jane shared their motivation for taking on such an arduous ride -- “In 2006, at our Sully District Station, Mike Garbarino was signing off from his cruiser computer in the rear parking lot of the station when he was attacked by a man armed with an assault rifle, 5 handguns and a hunting rifle. Detective Vicki Armel was in her cruiser and saw Mike under fire. She engaged him in a gun battle, hitting him with her handgun but he had body armor. She was struck many times and died shortly after. Mike died a few days later.  The armed man was killed shortly after by another officer.  Each of us ride for an officer every year,  I always ride for Vicki.  It’s good motivation when you start to get gassed on the ride. Mike’s wife is a huge supporter of the ride and will be with us again this year.” Here’s the scoop on Jane and her team:
  • Sergeant Jane Burns has been a police officer for 16 years. She also serves as a proud member of the Fairfax County Ceremonial Honor Guard.  She is a former K-9 handler and Bike Team Unit member.  Jane is an avid athlete who enjoys boxing, cycling, and general fitness.
  • Master Police Officer Elizabeth Melendez has been a police officer for 13 years.  She is a “roaddog” and enjoys her position as a patrol officer working the street.  Elizabeth has been very active in sports and working out all her life.  She enjoys adventure races, yoga, running,  and crossfit.  Elizabeth is always up for a new challenge and any workout that causes pain is right up her alley.  
  • Detective Anne Rizza has been a police officer for 8 years. She serves in the Criminal Investigations Bureau – Child Exploitation Unit. Anne loves to run, lift weights, cycle, and lead a physically active lifestyle. She’s so fit, she’s been known to ask her workout buddies to go for a run AFTER a 100-mile training bike ride!  There were no takers…
We were very inspired by Jane, her team and their story. Welcome to the team and best of luck with your training. Keep moving, ladies! DSC_0139a
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