Rock climbing since he was five years old, Duffy is the youngest member of the USA climbing National Team at age 17. Duffy received a gold medal at the 2020 IFSC Pan-American Championships and a place on the USA Climbing National Team that will be making its debut in the upcoming world games.

“If I can climb to my potential and be satisfied with my performance, that is the ultimate goal.” - Colin Duffy

Introduction to Colin Duffy

Colin, based out of Boulder, Colorado, is the youngest member of the US Climbing team. His passion for climbing started at 4 years old at a local rec center. Neither him or his parents had the Olympics on their minds, but Colin took to the sport quickly and went to the rock wall as often as he could. He soon joined a real rock gym and started competing. “Ever since then, my love for the sport has grown,” states Colin.

Other than pro rock climbing, Colin is currently in high school with the hope of majoring in engineering in college.

Colin’s Accomplishments

Colin has earned 10 Youth National Titles, two Youth World Titles, and now the Pan-American Championship. He earned his first youth title when he was 9 years old, and both World Titles were in the lead discipline of the Youth B category. Colin claims “when I won one of my first youth world championships as just a thirteen year old was so inspiring and really opened my eyes at the potential in this sport.”

  • Gold medal at the 2020 IFSC Pan-American Championship
  • 2nd place at the 2019 IFSC Youth World Championships. 
  • Placed 1st at the 2018 IFSC Youth B World Championships
  • 1st place at 2017 IFSC Youth B World Championships

Colin’s Rock Climbing Training

He turns his adrenaline into determination. “The adrenaline really takes over,” states Colin, “I go into kind of a completely different state than I am when I’m in training. Everything is more real.”

Colin always takes his training seriously. Sometimes his gym session consists of hard efforts, other times, he’s training for repetition and endurance. “I use Action to stay hydrated in peak training,” Colin states. This will be the first year rock climbing will be in the Olympic Games. Since the weather is more humid in Tokyo than Colin’s hometown in Colorado, a hydration routine is vital. “aminoVITAL will be super beneficial to make sure that I stay hydrated...during my time in Japan,” says Colin.

Colin’s go-to aminoVITAL product is Action. “aminoVITAL provides amino acids and electrolytes to help my recovery after a training day,” states Colin. Action contains 220mg electrolytes for hydration, 2400mg of BCAAs to reduce muscle and mental fatigue, and 0g of sugar. Colin’s go-to Action flavor is grape.


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