Thanks in part to the hectic lifestyles so many of us lead, energy drinks have become a major part of the food and drink market. In fact, there are so many options available to someone looking for a boost of energy that trying to find the right drink for you can be overwhelming. All sorts of products out there make claims regarding their effects on the body’s energy levels, and while some of these are truly effective, others often fail to back up their promises or may even present a danger to consumers. So, with the vast array of drinks out there that say they can boost energy levels, how do you tell what’s the best one for you? To find out, keep reading as the team at aminoVITAL® offers some insight on this topic.

Top Drinks for Boosting Energy During the Workday

Even the most well-rested workers can feel themselves dragging as the workday wears on, so it’s no surprise that people turn to energy drinks for a midday pick-me-up as their spirits start to flag. There are a number of common products aimed at meeting this need; we’ll look at a few of the most popular ones here.


The go-to choice for people in every industry, coffee is an immensely popular beverage around the world. Think about it: There are stores out there that exist solely to serve this one substance – not something that can be said of many foods or drinks. The reason for this popularity is simple; coffee contains a moderate dose of caffeine – depending on what kind of coffee-based drink you prefer – which allows it to provide a drinkable energy boost. While there’s no denying its effectiveness, caffeine can also lead to some unwanted side effects when consumed in significant amounts, including jitteriness, nervousness, and an elevated heart rate, and the boost in energy it provides is sometimes followed by a crash that can leave a person feeling wiped out.

Green Tea

A milder choice than coffee, green tea is a popular drink in many countries, in part because of its ability to boost energy. Like coffee, green tea contains caffeine – the source of its energizing effects – but it also has an amino acid called theanine, which has been shown1 to modulate the side effects of caffeine, smoothing the rough edges of a caffeine rush for a less jittery experience. In addition, green tea contains a number of beneficial biological compounds that may help those who drink it stay healthy, including antioxidants, and there’s even evidence to suggest that it can boost your metabolism, too.

Yerba Mate

This South American herb has become increasingly popular in recent years, maybe because it’s right in between coffee and other teas in terms of caffeine content. This means that a cup of yerba mate can reportedly give you a boost of energy that’s less jarring than what you’d get from coffee. Like green tea, yerba mate may also offer a variety of antioxidants, and it’s thought to speed up your metabolism a little as well.

Best Drinks to Boost Energy During a Workout

As important as it is to maintain your energy when you’re working, many people need a boost during workouts more than at any other time. This makes sense; whether you exercise at the start of your day or after work, you’re probably feeling a little tired by the time you get to the gym. For help, consider using the following drinks to boost energy during your next workout.

BCAA Drinks

In recent years, the class of amino acids called the “branched-chain amino acids” (BCAAs) has gained a large and growing following among fitness fanatics, owing to their ability to enhance performance and boost energy. BCAAs are compounds that can be used by the muscles as fuel during a workout, and there’s evidence2 that one particular BCAA – leucine – can also boost energy metabolism. At the same time, BCAA supplements have demonstrated3 an ability to fight the kind of fatigue that builds up when you work out. This condition, which is called central nervous system fatigue, is caused by a buildup of serotonin in the brain, and because BCAAs can limit the amount of tryptophan (an essential component of serotonin) that gets into the brain, these amino acids can help you stay energized, even during the toughest workouts.


We may take it for granted, but having enough water is essential for our bodies to work properly, and that includes our energy production processes. If you find that you’re feeling worn out as you exercise and can’t explain why, there’s a chance you could be dehydrated; even just a short while without water can lead to partial dehydration and cause you to feel sluggish. This same advice extends throughout the day: Drink plenty of water, whether it means trips to the kitchen or carrying a bottle with you for convenience.

Try BCAA Supplements to Boost Energy, Improve Endurance, and Enhance Recovery

In addition to their ability to boost energy, drinks containing BCAAs can offer a number of additional benefits. For instance, the amino acids in aminoVITAL®’s Action mid-workout mix can provide raw materials for the synthesis of new muscle tissue while improving energy levels and reducing soreness after a tough workout. To learn more about the benefits of these lean, fast-acting products, visit aminoVITAL® online, or call us today at (888) 264-6673.



August 26, 2020 — amino VITAL

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