Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid. In other words, it can be synthesized in the body, but it is not made in large enough quantities to support growth or meet metabolic requirements during periods of stress. For instance, Arginine can be found in chicken, fish, dairy and other higher protein foods.

Arginine helps the body build muscle, expand blood vessels for better blood flow, and support immune system functioning. In addition, Arginine can be converted to sugar glucose and used as a source of energy.

Additionally, Arginine is used in the production of compounds importantly used for athletic performances including Creatine, Agmatine, Glutamate, Polyamines, Ornithine, and Citrulline.

This article will focus on 3 primary functions: building muscle, improving blood flow, and immune system response.

Building Muscle

Arginine is used to make proteins in the body including muscle. Recent cell research suggests Arginine may turn on the muscle building process similar to leucine. While muscle mass increases, arginine signals to muscle cells to release a growth hormone and insulin, which promotes fat metabolism and improves energy levels and cognitive abilities. This could lead to toned and lean muscle mass.

By reducing the fat stores underneath the skin and promoting muscle growth, Arginine can improve muscle strength. Increased strength through building muscle mass is not the only benefit. By serving as a precursor for the nitric oxide, Arginine promotes endurance and muscle conditioning.

A study from the Journal of Applied Physiology found that healthy volunteers who consumed Arginine an hour before their workout could exercise longer and use oxygen more efficiently than those on placebo. This suggests that Arginine can be an effective and natural performance enhancing supplement.

Improved Blood Flow

Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, a molecule that helps blood vessels relax and expand to accommodate greater blood flow and prevent blood clots. That being said, supplementation with Arginine can also be useful in reducing blood pressure, decreasing the risk of hypertension and stroke.

Better blood flow means greater delivery of carbohydrate and oxygen to muscles. In addition, nutrients are supplied to your muscles for longer amounts of time which can reduce muscle damage, help recovery and aid in endurance.

Immune Response

Working out puts your body through physical stress and can increase your chances of disease or muscle damage. Studies have shown that increased levels of nitric oxide will increase the body’s immune response. In other words, nitric oxide can stimulate your immune system to attack free radicals, increasing the effectiveness of your immune system.

Arginine Is Found In All aminoVITAL Products

For a pre-workout supplement, try Fast Charge 45 to 60 minutes before activity to allow enough time for Arginine to open up blood vessels while also supporting overall muscle health. Made with plant-based amino acids (BCAAs, Arginine, Glutamine) + B Vitamins, Fast Charge is designed to boost natural muscular energy and fight fatigue during your workout.

For increased stamina and performance, drink Action while you workout. Made with plant-based amino acids (BCAAs, Arginine, Glutamine) + electrolytes, Action provides healthy hydration, energy, and focus.

After your workout, drink Rapid Recovery to minimize muscle soreness and help you recover faster. The plant-based amino acids (BCAAs, Arginine, Glutamine) + complex carbs & electrolytes in Rapid Recovery are clinically proven to help accelerate muscle recovery and reduce next-day soreness.

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Key Takeaways

- In conclusion, Arginine not only turns on the muscle building process, but can also promote muscle endurance.

- Arginine aids in better blood flow which allows for greater delivery of carbohydrate, nutrients, and oxygen to muscles.

- Arginine helps boost immune system effectiveness by stimulating the attack on free radicals.

- Amino VITAL products contain plant-based amino acids including Arginine, to provide an effective workout supplement with maximum benefits.

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