We all speak about food assisting in giving our bodies nutrients, but there are more reasons nutrients are important. That’s why we at aminoVITAL wanted to spotlight a few vitamins and nutrients that are crucial to our body in so many ways; and to give you a rundown on why they can help us during activity. All five of these key nutrients that we are about to list are featured in our aminoVITAL Action amino acid supplement and are sure to help you during your next workout!

Vitamin C

We all know to take Vitamin C when we have a cold, and that’s because it’s a jolt of energy to our immune system. It’s a similar situation for athletes when they work out, as well! Vitamin C keeps our immune system running smoothly and can help to decrease recovery time between workouts -- which is one of the reasons it’s an effective ingredient in our Rapid Recovery supplement. In addition to that, it is great for connective tissue repair, making it a great supplement option for anyone lifting heavy weights. Finally, it is an antioxidant, so it can also help to reverse some exercise-induced oxidative stress as a result of your workout.



Sodium is an important electrolyte, and your body needs it to function at its peak of performance. High, healthy, levels of sodium in your body usually correlate to high levels of fluid, as well. Not only that, but sodium also helps absorb nutrients in your stomach, which aids in things like cognitive function as well as muscle contraction. We lose sodium from sweating, so it’s a great idea to keep hydrated with plenty of electrolytes, like those you can find in our Action supplement, during your workout!



Another key electrolyte in our body, potassium also plays a crucial role in managing your fluid levels. Like sodium, you also sweat out potassium, but it primarily comes out of your urine, which means staying hydrated is absolutely essential in order to retain potassium in your body. Potassium helps keep your blood from clotting and maintain healthy blood pressure while also promoting the health of your bones. Potassium also plays a vital role in muscle contraction, which is why eating a banana can help when you have a muscle cramp since they are high in potassium. 

Malic Acid

Malic acid is great for your skin as well as for alleviating pain in fibromyalgia patients, and it can even help prevent you from getting kidney stones. However, we love it because of its ability to help boost your performance during any athletic event. Malic acid can promote energy production and help fend off the fatigue of muscles, while also promoting the absorption of creatine by your body. It’s also a great supplement for long-distance runners as it can also increase your endurance.

Disodium Phosphate

Disodium phosphate is similar to malic acid in that it is a great promoter of endurance for athletes. Disodium phosphate is perfect for our Action blend of amino acids because it can help ward off cramping or muscle pain during a workout, increase the oxygen available to muscles during workouts, and it helps reduce muscle tissue breakdown, making recovery time that much shorter. This could be extremely helpful for those who run, both sprints and long distances, as it also increases the time to exhaustion for endurance events like running. 

There are plenty of other excellent, and important, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids in our Rapid Recovery and Action supplements, but these five are absolutely key to the blend, and key to you during your workout. Take your workout to the next level with aminoVITAL!

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