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The Amino-Vital Blog

What Are BCAAs Used For?

BCAAs have become very popular among the fitness community. But what exactly do fitness enthusiasts get from BCAAs? Learn more about the fast growing supplement.

Diet is crucial to keep swimmers in shape to give their best performance. Learn the best foods and supplements swimmers can eat for breakfast before competing.

How Can I Increase My Energy?

Whether your in a long meeting or playing a sport, we all need an energy boost sometimes. Learn the best methods of increasing energy and reducing stress.

The benefits of energy drinks is clear, the health risks have also become apparent. Discover the side effects of these drinks along with healthier alternatives.

If you're concerned with heart health, you may wonder what supplement is the best for healthiest. Learn the effects of sugar free energy drinks on your heart.

Many assume that sugar free energy drinks would be the healthier option, there are still health risks to be wary of. Learn the risks and healthier alternatives,

Nootropics are a popular new way for gamers to enhance their performance, but do these supplements actually work? Learn which nootropics you should try.

Swimming is one of the best ways to promote a well being along with a healthy diet. Learn the best foods and supplements to optimize swimming performance.

Tennis players need a lot of energy for matches and the right nutrients for recovery. Learn the best diet for tennis players of all skill levels.

Is There a Safe Energy Drink?

Considering the speed at which modern life moves, it’s no wonder that energy drinks have become one of the most ubiquitous food products out there....

As with any sport, tennis offers an array of iconic sights and sounds, from the satisfying tone of the ball making contact with a racquet to the br...

Any kind of competition is bound to lead players to try and find something that’ll give them an edge over their opponents, a fact that’s as true fo...

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