Marine Collagen Peptides - Joint Support & Post Workout Recovery

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Key Benefits
  • Strengthen Muscles, Cartilage, Joints, and Bones
  • Revitalize Hair, Skin, & Nails
  • Zero Sugar
  • Gluten free
  • Non-GMO
  • Paleo Friendly
  • Kosher Certified
  • Sustainably Sourced


How to Use

Dissolve 2 scoops of the powder in coffee, teas, smoothies, or baked goods. Use daily for best results.

Joint Support & Post Workout Recovery

Our formula harnesses the natural power of marine collagen; the primary protein found in joint cartilage. The marine collagen peptides in our product are rapidly absorbed and delivered to your joints, promoting healthy cartilage, improving joint flexibility, and assisting in post-workout recovery.

This formula supports the body's natural ability to heal and maintain healthy tissues, mitigating the wear and tear that comes from intensive physical activities. 

AminoVITAL's Marine Collagen Peptides are unflavored and designed to easily mix with your favorite beverage. This non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free supplement goes through rigorous quality control processes to ensure you receive the best possible product.

Marine Collagen Peptides product from AminoVITAL for joint health and recovery


AminoVITAL's Marine Collagen Peptides is sourced from wild caught, wild fish, which is more environmentally sustainable and higher quality than conventional farm-raised marine or bovine collagen. Wild Caught Collagen peptides are smaller in size, making them more bioavailable and easier for the body to absorb and utilize. This efficiency translates into potentially faster and more noticeable results in skin health, joint mobility, and overall wellness.

On the contrary, bovine collagen may sometimes carry the risk of contamination from hormones or diseases present in cattle. Their molecular cells skew larger, making them less bioavailable for the human body to absorb, requiring larger dosages (20g vs. 10g).

Wild Caught Marine Collagen is cleaner, more efficient, and more sustainable source of this vital protein.


Type I

Making up the majority of the body's collagen, Type I is found in structures like tendons, organs, and crucially, in the bones. Our sustainable marine-sourced Type I collagen helps fortify these structures, promoting overall structural integrity and vitality, thus contributing to healthier joints.

Type II

This type is essential for the health of your cartilages, serving as the backbone of their structure. Type II collagen from our Marine Collagen Peptides helps in the maintenance of joint health and flexibility, thereby aiding you in moving with greater ease and less discomfort.


Often found alongside Type I, Type III collagen is integral to the structural integrity of muscles, blood vessels, and organs. Including Type III collagen in our Marine Collagen Peptides formula helps to enhance cardiovascular health and overall muscle function, supporting not only your joint health but your wider athletic performance too.


By forming the basal lamina, a crucial part of the extracellular matrix supporting our cells, Type IV collagen plays a significant role in maintaining the health of your skin, muscles, and organs. Its inclusion in our blend assists overall cellular health and contributes to a well-rounded approach to your joint recovery.


Amplify your recovery routine by pairing AminoVITAL's Marine Collagen Peptides with AminoVITAL Rapid Recovery. This duo works in tandem to ensure optimal muscle and joint recovery post-workout. Rapid Recovery, loaded with amino acids and electrolytes, helps to replenish nutrients lost during exercise, reducing muscle soreness and promoting faster recovery. When taken together, these supplements provide a comprehensive recovery stack.

The Marine Collagen Peptides bolster joint health and flexibility, while Rapid Recovery refuels and revitalizes tired muscles. Experience the synergy of these two power-packed formulas and elevate your post-workout recovery. With AminoVITAL, it's not just about achieving your fitness goals; it's about exceeding them.