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Amino acids occur naturally in the human body. Put simply, amino acids are protein in its purest form. Humans acquire amino acids by synthesizing them in the body or taking supplements like Amino Vital®.

Our supplements are a unique combination of five key amino acids - leucine, isoleucine, valine, arginine and glutamine. Our products use pure ingredients and a simple formula, which allows the body to absorb nutrients quickly and more easily.

Every kind of athlete benefits from amino acid supplements. These supplements help athletes achieve their goals – whether it’s running longer, cycling faster, lifting more weight or perfecting a golf game. Amino Vital allows you to train harder, smarter, and longer to get more out of each workout.

There are 4 key ways Amino Vital supplements help athletes:


Prevent Fatigue

Multiple chains of complex biochemical processes are responsible for mental and muscle fatigue during and after exercise. Fatigue is a result of both exhaustion in the brain called central nervous system (CNS) fatigue, and peripheral fatigue, which is a result of exhausted muscle fibers and other physiological factors. Several processes have been identified for being responsible for CNS fatigue during exercise including increased production of serotonin in the brain and over production of ammonia in the blood. Amino acids, like those in Amino Vital®, have been shown to boost and enhance these complex biochemical processes including reducing the brain's serotonin levels, and reduction of ammonia from the bloodstream.

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Reduce Muscle Soreness & Speed Recovery

A vigorous work out creates Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) through the release of certain enzymes in the bloodstream. The stiffness, tenderness and pain during movement associated with DOMS can inhibit your peak performance in your next exercise regimen. By consuming amino acids via supplements like Amino Vital®, studies show that DOMS can be reduced. This means you will be less sore after that long training session, and you can get back in the game sooner to win.

(Jackman, 2009; Shimomura, 2006, Skillen, 2008)


Increase Muscle Building & Endurance

Through complex biological processes, amino acids found in the Amino Vital® formula increase the rate of protein synthesis, resulting in muscle and tissue-building during and after exercise. At the same time, amino acids in Amino Vital® help decrease the rate of protein decomposition, increase your ability to sustain exercise longer and improve your recovery.

(Blomstrand, 2006)


Improve Concentration & Focus

The five key amino acids found in the Amino Vital® special formula minimize mental fatigue and improve concentration during and after exercise. Through a complex neurological mechanism, consumption of amino acids during and after exercise has been shown to prevent mental fatigue and improve concentration and mental clarity during and even after your workout. This allows you to focus more on your game and less on how tired you feel.

(Blomstrand, 2011)

Science Behind Amino Vital

Amino acids are organic molecules that, when joined together, form links like beads on a necklace. The combination of hundreds to thousands of these beads creates proteins. These ‘necklaces’ are folded or twisted into unique structures, which allow them to perform their specific function in the body. Proteins are ‘worker’ molecules that are responsible for nearly every process in the human body – including muscle and organ building, transport of necessary substances in the blood, nerve signaling, gene replication, and digestion of food.

Almost all cellular processes in the body are affected or controlled by proteins. By supplementing your body with the specifically formulated combination of Amino Vital amino acids, you provide your body with the essential building blocks necessary to perform at your best.


Most amino acids are synthesized by the body itself and are called 'non-essential' amino acids. However, nine amino acids cannot be produced by the body and are called 'essential'. It is therefore necessary to obtain them from the diet or from supplements like Amino Vital®. A subset of the essential amino acids which are particularly important to muscle building and metabolism are called branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). Amino Vital®'s special formulation includes all three BCAAs - leucine, isoleucine and valine.


During exercise, major and rapid changes occur in the muscle's amino acids. These changes play an important role in various complex biochemical chain reactions that can result in fatigue during prolonged exercise. Through supplementation with Amino Vital®, an increased supply of the fuel for the biochemical process is maintained which builds muscle and reduces fatigue during exercise, allowing you to recover more quickly. (Shimomura, 2006; Blomstrand, 2001; Skillen, 2008)


The amino acid leucine, which is part of Amino Vital®'s special formulation, increases the rate of protein synthesis and decreases protein break down during recovery from endurance exercise (Blomstrand, 2006). Thus Amino Vital® products enhance your body's ability to build muscle during work outs and speed muscle recovery between training sessions.

Metabolism of the BCAAs, in particular have a central role during exercise. In the exercising muscle, amino acids are the basis for a complex chain reaction that results in the synthesis of glutamine, which is necessary for energy production and also has an important function in other human tissues. For a schematic of BCAA metabolism in muscle, see below. (Wagenmakers,1998).


Glutamine serves multiple roles in your body including protein and energy synthesis, muscle growth, immune system maintenance, and numerous other important metabolic functions. ( Newsholme, 2003; Bassit, 2000; Bowtell, 2007).

During exercise, muscles continuously consume glutamate and in turn release glutamine in a complex biochemical cycle. Glutamine is also part of a by-product that allows ammonia to be transported through the blood in a non-toxic fashion so that the body can eliminate it. (Wagenmakers, 1998).

Studies have shown that during vigorous exercise the body cannot produce enough glutamine by itself which results in a build-up of ammonia and causes the fatigue and reduced functioning often experienced during intense training. (Wilkinson, 2010) Supplementing the body with the additional amino acids found in Amino Vital® enables your body to continue and enhance the glutamine production cycle - which can significantly improve your endurance performance (MacLean, 1996; Crowe, 2006).

Amino Acids & Muscle Health


Another component of the Amino Vital® formula, arginine, also promotes the removal of ammonia by assisting in the synthesis of urine. Arginine is responsible for many other important biochemical processes which improve exercise performance including increased blood flow, protein synthesis for muscle building, release of the growth hormone, and boosting the immune system. (Wu, 2009; Morris, 2004)


During exercise, the accumulation of both serotonin and ammonia have been linked to central nervous system fatigue (CNS). Scientists propose that increased serotonin limits the CNS drive to exert working muscles. (Davis, 1997). The raised level of serotonin causes a complex neurochemical reaction involving tryptophan which causes mental fatigue as well. (Blomstrand, 2006). Over-production of ammonia is a secondary process which causes CNS fatigue and motor control deficiency . (Wilkinson, 2010) Studies have shown that by consuming amino acids like those found in Amino Vital®, the brain activity responsible for delaying fatigue is enhanced. This allows for prolonged exercise and increased endurance. (Davis, 1997). By including the special combination of Amino Vital® amino acids in your exercise regimen, you will feel less tired during and after your work out and improve your mental clarity. (Blomstrand, 2001).


A plentiful supply of the amino acids in Amino Vital® during and after training provides multiple benefits for repeated peak exercise performance and quicker recovery. The individual benefits of each ingredient include enhanced protein synthesis for building muscle, increased blood flow, and continuously-enabled ammonia transport - which safeguards against muscle damage and fatigue, and allows you to stay mentally focused on your exercise.

Additionally, the combination of these five amino acids - leucine, isoleucine, valine, arginine and glutamine provides a unique synergy that improves training through increased muscle strength and oxygen-carrying capacity in the blood stream. With Amino Vital® you can train harder, better, faster, and more efficiently by getting more out of each work out and event. (Ohtani, 2006).

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